Sunday, October 30, 2011

The adventure begins!

Most of you are probably either reading this from your couch while watching the football, or on your phone trying to forget that most of Massachusetts and Connecticut are without power after a freak October Nor'easter yesterday...   Or nursing a hangover brought on from over celebrating Halloween.
Yeah I dressed up as a Crazy Cat Lady last night!  Who says all Halloween costumes have to be slutty? HAHA

I however, am feeling very Euro and hip right now.  I am sitting in the Lufthansa Business Lounge sipping on a late and eyeing the free bread (mainly because its bread, but mostly cause' its free).

I am about 2 hours out from my first leg of the trip to Odessa this week!  I am finally getting excited to head back there to see coworkers who have become friends and get our Crew Conference going!  I feel like I have been planning this with everyone for what seems like an eternity!  Although, honestly we start discussing agenda, gift items etc.. back in May.  The past 2 months I have focused mainly on this and I am very excited to see it all play out.  Hopefully my presentations go well and everyone arrives safely and in time!!

I wrote earlier this week about my goal of 1 carry on and 1 handheld bag.  Well I am happy to report that I did accomplish it!  My bag was 2 kilo's heavier than it should be for carry on but the nice guy at check in said that since I was business class it would be fine (Huzzah for selling out and working for the man!!).  I accomplished this by packing outfits that could be mixed and matched together.  With 1 or 2 spare shirts just in case...

I packed one pair of buttery tan (is that even a color) boots and my grey TOMS that I am wearing now.  Also in tow is my FAVORITE Gap pashmina scarf that is a checkered plaid of blue and tan that I picked up a few years back.  This is probably my #1 item I would suggest when traveling.  This multi-tasker can function as a scarf, blanket on the plain and shawl/throw in a pinch.  It also adds a bit more style than a sweatshirt or hoodie and WAY more comfortable than lugging extra jackets to keep you warm.

Other must have items I have tucked away is plenty of chapstick, facewipes and hand lotion.  Planes are very dry and after 7 hours of sitting you would be surprised at how dehydrated and dried out you feel.  A quick face wash with the wipes followed by a good slathering of your favorite lotion will do wonders for your skin and mood at the end of the flight!  SOOO worth it!  No need to go all expensive either.  I use a lavender johnson & johnson lotion and target brand wipes.

Of course, this foodie would never leave without an emergency stash of goodies.  In my bag I have supply of VIA coffee packets, Crystal Light Green Tea/Lemonade Mixes, Oatmeal Packets and plenty of tea bags.  I have found that even in a hotel room you usually have access to a hot pot (or coffee pot) where you can make boiling water.  Plus all of those items are non-liquids so there is no fear of taking away from my 3oz ziplock bag allowance.

I will post later with some actual photos of my outfits and the goodies I have packed once I am settled.  For now, I am going to watch Miami and the NY Giants battle it out. Who am I supposed to cheer for as a Pats fan I could do without both teams!

My wonderful Pats take on the beautiful Steel City this afternoon, but I predict that just like last year New England will walk away from da'burgh victorious!

Have a great Sunday and a Happy Halloween!!