Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation has begun!

I made it to the island last night!  After battling traffic and my obvious lack of skill with securing a kayak to the roof of my car I arrived in one piece.  I forget how dark the cape/islands are at night compared to downtown Boston.  ( I love it!!)

This morning I woke without my alarm and made the trek over to Mocha Mott's. Hands down my favorite coffee shop in the world.  With coffee and egg burrito in hand (no cheese, more on that later) I returned to the cottage to relax.

Heaven in cup?  YES!!!!

So here I am now, enjoying my java watching America's Next Top Model and searching through Oh She Glows recipes to create my shopping list for the week!  I mentioned earlier this week that part of plans for this vacation is a mini reboot for my system.
now to see if I can stick to the list!

With work, post work gatherings and weekend splurges I have just felt blahh the last few months.  So I am going to stock up on healthy, healing and delicious treats and eat my way to vacation bliss this week.  I might even try a few of the vegan desserts and see if I can trick my two special guests next week (fabulous 7 & 5 year old little ladies).  If I can fool them then I will call the challenge success!

Ok friends, enjoy your day!  After grocery shopping I predict a beach visit and then hot yoga at 5!!!

How do you recharge on vacation?  Do you try something new, sightsee till you drop or just park yourself on the beach?