Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Vacation for the Mind & Body

On Wednesday I kick off my annual summer vacation. For almost 10 days I will be on the island of Martha's Vineyard soaking up the sun!

For the past several years I have scheduled this week with no real plans in mind and not even with a set guest list.  I leave it open to family and friends: I will be there and you are welcome to join me for all or part of it. (Just call first ok?  Small cottage = limited beds!)

This year I have friends coming down more towards the second half of the week.  I am over the moon with excitement to show their girls the island for the first time! (Illumination, Fire Works, The Ag Fair!) To see the island from a child's eyes will be an experience I have not had since I was their age.
Grand Illumination!

Sightseeing Up Island!

There is something so freeing about going on vacation by yourself.  It gives you time to do what you wish, sleep in and basically recharge without worrying if your companions/guests are bored.

My thinking spot! And overall happiest spot on the planet!
I would be lying if I didn't admit to you all that the thing I am most excited for is for a few days of solo time to recharge myself mentally and physically. I love having company and showing off the island, but I am need of some "me time" to reset my goals/plans for the rest of 2011.  It may not sound like fun to some of you but I plan on spending the first 4-5 days on the island doing the following things:
  • Morning and evening kayak rides to soak up the scenery
  • Walking aimlessly throughout the towns of MV people watching, and exploring tidal pools.
  • Lots and lots of yoga (buying a 10 class pass and hoping to dive deep into my 21 day challenge)
  • A pseudo cleanse - basically it means taking advantage of all the on island produce and eating as much yummy seasonal veggie goodness as I can get! Being solo will make it easier to have a giant smoothie for breakfast, veggies for dinner and not feel guilty when I don't go out to eat. Or making sure dinner is good for the whole group (again, I LOVE guests, but my tummy and waistline could use a few days free from cheese/appetizers and pre-dinner cocktails)
  • The BEACH!  When you have a house full, just getting to the can be a chore in itself.  Solo Beth can grab a towel, beach chair, iPod, kindle, hat and some snacks and be off for as long or as short as I like.  Plus I can go early or late cause' it is just me (good lord I sound like a super hermit in this post....)
  • READ!  I spend 98% of my year reading technical magazines, regulatory documents and/or food magazines.  I usually only get to enjoy "free reading" when I fly.  So to have 10 days with nothing but a kindle full of fun reading is like Xmas to this girl!  First up Game of Thrones and then I have a list a mile long from my sister and roommate.  
I am pretty sure that by the time my guests arrive I will be jumping with excitement for company (and cocktails). I am thinking of this as my own mini Eat Pray Love adventure.

One girl, One island, One week and hopefully a lot of time to reflect and re-energize!
    Do you take time out for yourself to recharge throughout the week/month/year?  

    Do you go go go on vacation or pick a spot on a beach and stay there all week?