Thursday, August 4, 2011

Puzzles Bar - My Version

 This post comes from several places of inspiration.
  • First my fabulous roommate Chuck who told me to start writing  typing when the topic of "What our perfect bar would have" came up for the 1 millionth time! 
  • Second, I am always judging pubs/restaurants and bars and saying "This place would be great if it had _______!"

Soooo...  the roomie and I have combined brains and decided to share with you all our perfect bar!  If you are independently wealthy and are bored, please feel free to build my dream bar here in Boston!

I will even make you dinner to thank you!!!  Oh and if you also happen to be over 6', single and are constantly mistaken for Ryan Reynolds then by all means call me :) We can chat bar design and a our wedding on a beach
Oh Hello there, why yes.. I would love to build your dream bar and laugh at all your jokes

Welcome to Quita's Tavern!

Highlights include:
  • Hooks for my purse at the bar!
Look ma.. No hands!!!!
  • Walking distance to my apartment (I loathe the T and taxis at night...)
  • A cheeseburger and fries combo that makes me cry with joy
  • A selection of beers from down the block and around the globe (ie: Harpoon, Offshore Ale, Cisco, Pretty Things, Notch Session, Guinness, Anchor Steam, YUENGLING, Murphy's Irish Stout, Brooklyn Ale, Zywiecz)

  • A place where I can sit at the bar at 11am and watch Premire League Futbol in my sweats (yes sweats!, Don't judge!!!) but also arrive at 11pm with the girls for a night out
  • A bartender that makes me feel like Norm
  • Fried Pierogi's 
  • Nachos w/ Guacamole! (you should not be allowed to serve nachos without guac! )
  • Friendly local yocals that don't know me but treat me like their daughter (read old men/day drinkers)
  • Hot men who work construction but are not creepy at all for us to chat with while playing....
  • Trivia! (who doesn't love Trivia)
  • A friendly neighborhood puppy who comes to visit me while I eat, otherwise he sits under the bar where he is too cool to be bothered
  • Clean bathrooms that never have a line
  • Beef Stew in the winter
  • Raw bar in the summer

  • Stiff cocktails w/ blue cheese stuffed olives that are mandatory after a long week

  •  A Bloody Mary that comes with BACON

So basically what I am looking for is someone to build me a huge "Super Mode Optimus Prime" like version of all my favorite pubs that I have been to around Massachusetts and the world.  That is not too much to ask is it?  Didn't think so....   Great, Grand, Wonderful!!!!

So what would your favorite bar look like/have in it?