Monday, August 1, 2011

21 days

Every Sunday I tell myself that tomorrow morning I am going to wake up and complete a yoga routine before work.  Then like clock work every Monday morning my alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button for a good 25-40 minutes (yeah! i wish i was kidding...).

I need some sort of challenge or inspiration to get me going... Thankfully the wonderful Jenna sent out a challenge to her readers today that is right up my alley!

21 days of yoga. What I love about this challenge is that I am not expected to complete 90 minutes of hot yoga a day.  Any time spent on the mat over 5 minutes will count.  Slow and steady is exactly what I need to get me going.

So I think if I can hit the snooze for 30 minutes a day I can commit to getting my arse out of bed for 20-60 minutes of yoga over the next 3 weeks.

Anyone care to join me?  Either on your own or meeting me for a class.  I think we can all save 5 minutes a day to focus on ourselves!

I am also hoping to mix in a few post work Bikram classes to really get my sweat on.