Friday, July 1, 2011

June Recap

Hey everyone,

So after my last post I promised to come back quickly with happier posts.  Well this will definitely be a happier post because this girl has had a crazy busy month!  I will get into details later this weekend but thought you should see what a break up motivates you to do in 30 days!
Post work cocktails at Marina Bay in Quincy

Lots of beer (perhaps too much) but its sooo tasty
Quiet time at the beach



Lots of raw bar ..... Summer, outdoor seating & raw bar = HEAVEN

More beer!  (what I power washed an entire house!!!)

10 minute dinners when it's too hot to cook

Almond Flour crackers (70% successful....)

More Baseball with clients (yes it is POURING! but we won 10-4)

Power washing!

Green Monster smoothies to counter act all the beer....

Turkey sandwiches in the sun...


Home Improvement Adventures....

Yard is surviving!  Makes me happy!




AFTER!  God I love what a can of paint can do to a house!


So yeah.. It was a crazy month of being a weekend warrior to MV and back every weekend.  I did drink my fair share of beer but to be fair 10-12 hours of manual labor calls for cold beer.

I have also been reading/watching a lot on the food industry (thank you Netflix).  I foresee a post coming about why I am soo happy to be part of a farm CSA.

How did you spend your June?   Any plans for the 4th or Canada Day?  I have several BBQs and need to decide what to cook for them!

Have a great weekend!