Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A weekend with TQ

With summer finally making an appearance in New England this sailor took to the high seas  cape ferry and headed to Martha's Vineyard for Memorial Day.  I have been blessed to have spent just about every summer of my life on MV for all or part of a summer.  It is definetly a magical place that holds a truly special place in my heart.

Now as an adult I am lucky to have my own little cottage on MV that I co-own with my sister and brother-in-law.  It is a great way to have many small "staycations" within an hour of home.  This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend a weekend opening the cottage with the #1 guy in my life.

My daddy TQ!

This wonderful man graciously gave up the end of his vacation to come with me down to MV to debug the house open up the cottage with his baby girl!  
He braves traffic jams all while listening to me squeal sing

He packs extra paper goods and fights "day trippers" to the front of the line at the ferry!
Could a girl ask for a better dad?  I think not!

My brother-in-law also came down and between the three of us we whipped that house into shape like a professional cleaning service!  The rest of the weekend was spent doing yard work and cleaning the porch.

But let's be honest... I am pretty sure TQ only agreed to help me so that he would have several days on MV feasting on seafood, cheeseburgers, fresh beer and coffee!!!  Instead of boring you all with a wordy post I am giving you a photo recap of our weekend.  There will be plenty of posts this summer on MV so feel free to email me if you have any questions or requests on island specifics.

I cannot begin to thank the two of them enough for their help and good times that we had!  Family, Oysters, Beer and Hockey on an Island paradise.... What a perfect weekend!  


How did you spend your long weekend?!

I am working on a post for the best burger I have EVER made!   You are going to want to make it S-T-A-T!!!