Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On a mission to Martha's Vineyard

This past weekend this foodie traded in her kitchen aid and travel size chunk of Parmesan cheese (what nobody else keeps cheese with them at all time... I keed I keed... but it does sound like a great idea!) for rakes, 4 40lb bags of stone and enough mulch to last a city girl a lifetime!

Our "yard" on MV has been used as a parking spot for the past several years and I hate to say that because of it we have been really lax about sprucing up the gardens.

This spring after "clarification" with property lines (long story for off the blog discussion) the fam and I decided that this was the year to bring our tiny yard back to its former glory!

Note the patchy grass and random walkway with overgrown plants...

Doesn't really scream vacation or serenity does it?

So with the challenge in place, this girl decided that if Holmes on Homes on HGTV can do it than so can't she!   I set off to Home Depot with a list, a sketch (thanks to my architect bro-in-law) and an attitude of no fear! (foolish girl!!!)

I loaded up a cart with WAY more stone, mulch and soil than I could handle (someone really should have been filming this!).  I ended up foregoing plants at this stop because I refused to be that girl trying to finagle two carts and asking for help (I never said I was normal....)

I loaded up my tiny Subaru with WAY more landscaping products than I am sure is recommended by Subaru.  My car became a low rider for several hours!!  From there I braved Boston and Cape traffic to meet the schvester (big sis) in Falmouth for the night!  We were squatting at her in-laws place for the night and taking an early boat in the a.m. over to the island.

We arrived on island to a sunny beautiful morning ready to go all HGTV/DIY on the yard.  Steph would be joining us mid-day but first up these two girls would become the son's their father never had!

Yes, you are looking at my pretty little car filled with more junk than a dumpster on the show Hoarders!  We arrived to the cottage and realized that the old lumber from the porch/yard was not taken away during the week.

In under 2 hours, the 2 of us managed to:

  • Unload car of landscaping material
  • Refill with a large amount of junk wood/yard waste etc...
  • Find the town dump
  • Finagle 2 dump runs (Huzzah for a house free of old cottage crap!)
  • Annnnd make it out to the nursery and back for plants !!!
We even called TQ to toot our own horns!  (he was impressed but I am pretty sure mocking us at the same time!)  Whatever we ROCK !!

Back at the cottage we devised our game plan.  Sis went off to get more yard waste bags and I started shoveling!

No its not a shallow grave!  Its for transplanting flowers!!!

After many hours of digging, weeding, transplanting and redoing (yard design is yard!) and picking up reinforcements (THANK YOU STEPH!)  We had the below picture to show for our 1st day of work!

After a much needed shower we walked over to Offshore Ale House for pitchers of fresh beer, oysters, steak tips and burgers!  Hours of manual labor call for beer and red meat!  I am sure it is a law somewhere.....

Day 2 started with much needed coffee, a realization that yard work is an AMAZING full body workout and that the next few hours would be spent leveling flag stone and attempting to plant grass (my next thought was ... "Is it too early for beer?")

We used our caffeine jolt and within 2 1/2 hours (yeah I wrote that!!) managed to have completed the impossible.....

In under 2 days 3 ladies managed to turn a sandy parking lot into a secret island garden get-a-way!  I wish you could see it from the porch... It really is such an amazing feeling to accomplish such hard work and get instant gratification!

After such a productive morning we rewarded ourselves with lunch down on the harbor.  Sunshine, warm breeze, people watching, beer and beef!
Perfect fries with an avocado & spicy salsa burger! 

I couldn't have asked for better weather or better ladies to help me turn that yard from an eyesore to a day dream!  Thank you ladies soooo much!
View from the ferry leaving on Sunday... bittersweet but I will be back!
I will be back there this weekend.  This time, I will be tackling 50 years of paint and trying to freshen up the exterior of the house!

What major weekend DIY project did you tackle this weekend or have planned for the upcoming weekend?!