Friday, June 10, 2011

Escaping to my Happy Place

Everyone has that special place where you can go when you just need to unwind and unplug from the daily grind.  It may be a room in your house, a local cafe or even just a quiet corner with a good book.

For me, my happy place is Martha's Vineyard.  It is a magical place that has the power to instantly put me at ease when I step off that ferry.  In college, I was just 1/2hr from the ferry and I remember many a spring weekends when school was just too much that I would hop on the ferry and head over for a day or weekend solo just to recharge.

The sound of the ocean, smell of beach roses and connecting with a community that just runs a bit slower was the perfect remedy for an undergrad taking a full course load in a para-military college.

Fast forward almost ten years and life way more stressful than the my college days. I am now in my 30s with a demanding job, bills/mortgages, long distance relationship and commitments to friends and family.  Needless to say, the need to recharge and find that happy place seems more important than EVER!

So this weekend, I am here at my happy place flying solo.  The weekend will be filled with painting and yard work but it will also be filled with:

  • Long walks on the beach
  • Rocking on the porch with a cold drink
  • Early morning coffee runs
  • Watching the boats come in down on the jetty

I always return from the rock rested, renewed and overall a much happier girl.  The island may be a tourist trap to some but to me it will always have a special place in my heart with the power to calm even the most frazzled city girl!

What is your "happy place"? If not a place, how do you unwind and recharge your battery?