Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Ultimate Veggie Burger!!!

I have written in length how I like strange dishes.  Usually they are covered in cheese and involve some sort of beef or pork option  However, with my new online challenge I am looking for ways to curb my classic cravings for flavors and textures with healthier alternatives.
It is true, I crave these Flinstone size ribs daily....

One of my favorites that I recently mastered is the veggie burger.  Not only is the homemade version healthy (think 0 preservatives and WAY less salt) but also sooo much cheaper than the frozen store bought version.  For around $8 I made enough veggie burger "batter" to make over 18 medium size burgers.  I have started making this in bulk and freezing the extra for later uses.  I am doing this for several reasons.
veggie burger w/ runny egg... Yes please!!!

1.  Grating vegetables is a pain... i would rather do it all at once than every week.
2.  I am really really really hungry when I get home from work!  If I can make my dinner in less than 15 minutes (yes 15!) then I am less likely to hurt people around me!
3. I crave these suckers!  They are actually really tasty. I know they will never beat a cheeseburger, but as a salad topper or main ingredient in a quick sandwich melt they will keep my cravings at bay for at least a week!

So for this round i changed the ingredients list a bit.  As always I encourage you to adapt the recipe to your tastes and what you have on hand.  Recipes are not written in stone and meant to be adapted to the chef, not the other way around.

Super Tasty Filing Veggie Burgers (makes 3 batches, about 6 burgers each)
1 pkt of Trader Joes Spiced chickpeas (umm yeah, all the seasoning done for me!)
1 can drained aduki beans (super healthy and fiber filled beans, similar to a kidney bean)
1 pkt of Trader Joes Black lentil beans
4 small zucchini's grated
1 large carrot grated
1 -1 1/2cups of oat bran(varies depending on how wet your mixture is) ( you can use breadcrumbs, panko, oatmeal or another fav grain to act as your binder)
2 beaten eggs

Mash all together with a potato masher or your hands.  Add enough oat bran until mixture sticks together but isn't too damp.  If you are not using the ready made packet of chickpeas from Trader Joe's you will want to add a small amount of garlic powder, cumin, corriander, salt n' pepper and whatever else you love!

veggie mixture..may not be the prettiest thing but it is the tastiest!!!!
Split your mixture into 3 and freeze 2 sections in ziploc bags for your next craving.   Form the remainder into burger shapes and sizzle to perfection on your trusty griddler or non-stick pan of choice.

Serve on a roll, atop a salad or over rice.... The options are endless.

These little power houses pack a punch when it comes to fiber, vitamins, protein and veggie goodness!!!