Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking an Online Challange

I like to think of myself as a knowledgeable foodie.  Someone who knows that sweet potatoes are good and Mc'y Ds french fries are bad. 

who doesn't love truffle tater tots covered in cheese?!
Even with all my knowledge of good and bad foods, I have still managed to pack on a few extra pounds over the past year.  Nothing to be extremely concerned about but I am not happy with my overall appearance and want to make a change now before my weight does balloon into an unhealthy range.

Going against my nature of wanting to do it all myself I decided to enlist the help of what seems to be a tried, tested and approved method of revamping my eating habits. I have signed up for the online program of Weight Watchers

The plan is to track what I eat daily (seems simple enough) and try to stay within the allotted points given to me by WW.  As to not freak myself out too much I am starting week one by eating what I normally do and see what the point values are compared to what the recommended allotment is.  And lets be honest knowing that I would be tracking myself I have been preparing salads and veggie snack bags at work.  Even still I was still pretty dumbfounded with the first 2 days of points. 
You mean banana bread isn't healthy?! bleh!

WW suggests that I stick with 29 points per day with an extra 49 points to be used throughout the week.  Fruits and veggies have 0 points so I can have as much as I like. 
I can eat this WHOLE table for 0 Points!! (yes I would probably be very sick from that much food but still.....)
Where I was surprised was how quickly my love for feta cheese and my snacks of crackers and pretzels (and nightly beer!) add up.  The first 2 days my scores where 44 and 41!  Now granted that did include an airport breakfast and a bit of binging on homemade banana bread from the boy. 

It was still pretty eye opening to see that a handful of mini-cheese crackers has the same value has the turkey with veggies, mustard on a TJ's sandwich thin!!! 

So whats the plan going forward you ask?  For the immediate future it is to continue to educate myself about what I am putting into my gullet and trying to revamp it through baby steps.  I am not looking to drop 15 lbs by next week.  Quite the contrary, I want to get to a place where I am comfortable knowing what I am preparing and eating. 

My life is only going to get crazier over the years. I would rather know now that if I switch the crackers for a bag of veggies w/ a cheese stick I can be comfortable with the extra glass of wine or piece of dessert and not hate myself the next day.

Who can say no to a cannoli?!

So this is my challenge to myself:
To become aware of what I am shoveling into my gullet every 2 hours.

Yes, I eat every 2 hours & have no shame admitting that.  I love food, wine and everything about them. I refuse to deny myself the immense pleasure a fine wine or hunk of aged cheese can bring to you, but I would like to stay healthy while doing it.  

This challenge will hopefully give me the tools and insight as to what my body needs, craves, can live without and what I must have no matter what (that is where the cheese and wine come in!)
Never give up the wine!

So what about you?  Have you tried Weight Watchers or another online tool?  What are your tips for staying healthy and happy all while trying to locate the perfect burger or slice of pizza?