Thursday, April 7, 2011

I like weird things!

My confession of the day... I like weird/dorky things. ANYTHING Scify, a near obsession with giant squid facts, stinky cheeses, dark bitter coffee/chocolate & beer etc... you get the point....

As long as I can remember I have liked things that my family has rolled their eyes at or laughed when I asked them to try it. (Tofu sausage egg scramble is probably the most normal experiment I have put them thru).

Some of my tamer likes are turkey sandwiches for breakfast, one pot veggie messes, miso soup at any time of the day and sunny side eggs on my salads....

However as I get older and travel more I realize that my pallete is not unique and there are PLENTY of people out there who love the same quirky food favorites that I eat regularly.  The recipe below is one of my weird craving moments that resulted in a delicious veggie burger that I may or may not have been eating with every meal since (honestly, who has a veggie burger on an onion roll w/ garlic tzatziki for breakfast?  THIS GIRL!)

I have been experimenting with various types of veggie burgers the past few months.  One because they are so expensive at the store and two because to me, the frozen store bought versions actually taste like cardboard to me and not veggies.

So, with an intense craving and fridge full of CSA veggies I got to making a burger!  I had an idea in my head of the recipe from when I made black bean burgers a while back.

I scoured the fridge/pantry and pulled out the following items:

Trader Joe's Spiced Soybeans
Trader Joe's ready to eat steamed lentils
2 med size zucchinis grated
1 large carrot grated
aprox 1 cup of breadcrumbs
2 eggs beaten

Place your beans into a bowl and with a handy dandy potato masher take out the stress of the day on your beans.  You can mash as much or as little as you like.  I prefer a bit of mash and a bit of recognizable beans in my burger mash.
Next add your grated veggies.  Again another chance to work out some stress....

Add in your egg and bread crumbs to the mix
Farm fresh egg! So orange and colorful!!!!
Now the fun part, get your hands dirty and start mashing that gorgeous mixture till it is evenly incorporated.  You are going to have eyeball the amount of bread crumbs you use.  You want the mixture to stick together but at the same time not be overly wet or dry... 
Once you are happy with the consistency, form the little buggers into classic burger patty shapes.

This batch made 7 burgers PLUS enough mix leftover to fill 1/2 a gallon ziplock bag.  I froze that to use another time.

Using a grill pan or broiler sear these beauties until browned on both sides (aprox 5-6 minutes)
Once cooked enjoy these healthy fiber packed power houses however you desire.  My choice that night was onion roll with Tzatziki dip, sliced cucumber, spinach and a side salad w/ all the fixins'

Voila! Happy Hippie Crunchy Dinner for One
Oh yeah... I also paired this uber earthy crunchy dinner with my all time favorite stout... A GUINNESS!!  (what! I can't be all crunchy all of the time!!!)
Waterfall of pure happiness aka Guinness!!!!
So what are some of your favorite things that are not so popular with your family and friends?  This is a safe place, I won't tell anyone I swear!!  hahaha