Friday, February 4, 2011

Why I Walk....

Back in 2005 my dearest friend talked me into joining her for an adventure.  She had heard about this walk and wanted me to join her.  I will admit that back then I did it because I was naive to the commitment this adventure would involve and also because I thought it would be a great way to get in shape. 39.3 miles over 2 days! I was terrified to say the least but looking back now it was the best decision I could have made!

Never did I think that almost 6 years later I would be preparing for my 4th walk!  Over the years I have officially walked 117.9 miles with the Avon Organization and probably 1000s of miles in personal training walks.

I started walking thinking I would get in shape while spending time with a good friend.  I have thankfully never been personally touched by this awful disease but through my training and years walking I came to realize that I was walking for those who can't.  Getting in shape is no longer the motivator, it is a way to get the message out.  I walk and spread the word about why I am walking because there are men and women out there who cannot.

I have met hundreds of people who have been affected by this disease directly or to someone they care about.  Thanks to my fellow teammates we have managed to raise over $20k over the 3 previous walks!  That may seem like a lot but overall it is just pennies compared to the millions raised every year by men and woman in the Boston area!   
Another great reason to walk is that the majority of the funds raised in each city stay in that area.  The money is divided between research, direct care, hospice and family support.  You can find a full list of facilities supported by Avon here.

Since I am always posting about getting in shape and new challenges I will also be posting in the future about how this training is going as well.  If you would like to support me in the walk I would be honored and you can donate any amount here

Beyond fundraising though, I hope you will support me in the months to come by sharing your stories, joining me on a training walk or coming out for a fundraiser!  It is your stories that keep me motivated through mile 20 on a hot day!
Our team logo for last year!