Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A weekend getaway recap

I am typing this while every muscle in my body screams in aching pain!  I think it is safe to say that I will not try to be the next Shawn White anytime soon.....Snowboarding and I just don't seem to get along....

OK, lets get back to the non-death causing activities of my weekend.  Once again, I was off to "da'burgh (Pittsburgh) to visit friends.  People! Who would have thought that the city known for its ravenous football fans and steel mills is also a town of delicious food and foodies?!  I know I said it during my last visit but honestly! This town knows food!!!
"He's her Lobsterrrr!!! ~Feebie from Friends!

Saturday was spent going from Brunch at Coca Cafe to various street side food vendors in an area of the city known as The Strip.  Brunch was amazing!  I foolishly left my camera and phone back at the house so I was sans photos on Saturday (sad Beth).  I wish I could share with you all pics of teh amazingly fresh carrot-ginger-orange juice and a veggie omelet that made me weep with happiness!  Oh and did I mention it came with homemade herbed foccacia bread?!  IT DID!!!

This section of PGH is great! We tried everything from homemade pierogie's to fresh beer from East End Brewing Company.  It was a wonderful afternoon of exploring!!!

Sunday we packed up and headed east to Seven Springs Ski Resort for a day of falling down a mountain snowboarding.  Lets just say that for a girl who is self-confessed a walking baby giraffe that I should have known this was going to end badly.....

Thankfully my cohorts refrained from taking pictures and videos of me falling again and again.  I have to say though, for as awkward and painful as it was I had a great time.  Especially when they left me at the lodge bar so they could get some actual board time in!

After a few beers laughing about my skills we headed back to the PGH for apps and dinner.  We stopped off (in full snow gear because that's how cool we are!) to Brgr for alcoholic milkshakes and burgers!

Now this was my first visit and except for a very rude hostess we had a great time!  The waitress, food and vibe of the place was great! The 4 of us split an order of onion rings with truffle oil cheese wiz and an order of fried pickle spears!! (HEAVEN!!).

I ordered the Spiked Float "Bourbon Cherry" which is Makers mark + cherry soda + dark chocolate ice cream = soda heaven!!  The boys ordered the Salted Caramel Milkshakes.  For my sandwich I was already feeling pretty full from my drink and apps so I went with the Tree Hugger burger = lentil + falafel burger, hot + sour cucumbers, tomato, red onion, goat’s milk yogurt. 

mmm Tree Hugger!
This burger had a ton of Greek flavors and was really crunchy!  It was just what I needed after a long day of attempting snowboarding! The boys each ordered the Button Buster Burger = braised beef short ribs, white cheddar cheese, b√©arnaise aioli, & crispy onions a top an angus burger!  Lets just say that they were not moving anywhere fast after that burger!!!

Salted Caramel Alcoholic Milkshake

Truffle Oil Cheese Whiz Onion Rings = BRILLIANT!!!

why hello there fried pickle!  Get in my belly!!!

Happy Chad! 

My lovely and STRONG Bourbon Cherry Soda!
All in all I had another fun and memorable weekend in 'daburgh!  This city is filled with so many amazing people, places and food experiences!  I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what is has to offer! (or where I can find a salad out there!)

What did you do this past weekend?  Anything crazy or new you would like to share with the group?