Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Organizing to Oysters in one day!

So it has been awhile since my last post.  I have been busy getting motivated at work and also preparing for another weekend away!  This weekend I am heading up to Rangeley, Maine with friends for our annual ski trip.  I have never been to Rangeley but I am super excited to see everyone!

Yesterday I celebrated Presidents Day like any Type A foodie would and organized aprox 8 years of recipes that I have printed, written down, copied from my mom or ripped out of magazines.  I also had a small library of cooking magazines that I saved for one reason or another.

The goal of the day was to rip out what I wanted from those magazines and piles and organize them into a half way logical and readable personal cookbook.  What started with a seemingly innocent 1" binder turned into a giant 3" binder with still more to add!  I NEVER need to buy another cookbook again! (but will most likely because lets be honest who doesn't love a new cookbook?!)  Below is a montage of my insane and large collection of recipes and how I 3-hole punched them all into submission!
What appears to be a harmless collection of recipes...

The innocent 1" binder that thought it stood a chance!

My weapon of choice!

First we sort by meal type

In between my many cups of coffee and soothing paper cuts I managed to whip up this beauty!  Walnut Boule Bread!! Sooo delicious!!!

After my brain was thoroughly frazzled from 8+ hours of reading recipes we decided that trying to cook at the apt would be an epic fail.  Alaina and I decided to hitch a ride into Kenmore with the roomie.  She had book club so we decided to peruse the Barnes & Noble while she was there and then were going to meet at Island Creek Oyster Bar for dinner after.  (Best idea ever!!!)
dreaming of future vacations.....

 The Island Creek Oyster Bar is a place I have been DYING to go too!!! I was lucky enough to have a gift certificate to this hidden jewel thanks to the Fantastic Swag bag from the BFF Launch Party. I am happy to report that my experience last night did not disappoint!
Great environment, cool jazz music and lots of "salty" accessories

Yummy Westport River Blanc de Noir Wine (how artsy of me to take this pic!)
 This wine was a bit sweet but almost had a cider like aftertaste that paired perfectly with these little beauties!!!

Can you say Heaven on Ice?!?!?
 Going clockwise from the lemons, Alaina and I split these briny gems of the sea.  My only complaint is that I didn't ordered another 12!

East Coast:
  • Island Creek Oysters
  • Rocky Nooks
  • Pleasant Bays
West Coast:
  • Hog Islands
  • Hama Hama
  • Humboldt
They were all so amazing! Each tasted a bit differently but I highly recommend all of them!!   Instead of stuffing ourselves with a full entree we split a beet salad and the special "Mushroom Risotto with Lobster knuckles, brussel sprout leaves and crispy shallots. 
Beet salad with shaved cheese and pickled vegetables

Heavenly Risotto with a drizzle of balsamic that made the whole dish POP!
I can't begin to say enough about our dinner at ICB.  The waitstaff was attentive, funny and honest about what they loved and thought we should try.  Never did I feel like they were trying to hard.  The ingredients speak for themselves and the staff is their to ensure you get them at their freshest!

I will definitely be returning to ICB many many times and highly suggest you do the same!

What did you do for Presidents Day?  Remember, sharing is caring!!!