Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Its another cold winter day here in Boston.  I awoke completely ready to call into work just to avoid getting out from underneath my warm comfy blankets!
I am sure we all look this good when we wake up!

Alas, I got up, made some tea and dragged my frozen butt to work.  Now I am here thinking about what to write about between strategic planning and looking at upcoming vessel visits.  I thought since I don't have any tasty meals to share I would take some inspiration from my roommates most recent post and let you all in on some things that I am in love with lately.


Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler
This handy multi-tasking tool has quickly become a go-to appliance in our apartment.  From grilling chicken and burgers to making delicious panini sandwiches this baby does it all.  I was lucky enough to get this online at RueLaLa but promise you that the $70 investment is well worth it!  Grilling in Feb in a 3rd floor walk up seems like a pipe dream but I have to say I have not had a bad experience yet!

My cowboy boots!
That is right people, this life long New Englander is utterly obsessed with Cowboy Boots!  These particular ones from Steve Madden are a perfect blend of riding boots (note the height and heel) and the look of a cowboy boot.

They fit over jeans and somehow manage to look good with a satin dress at the office as well as jeans on a Saturday.  I can honestly say I have been wearing these about 6 out of 7 days a week for the past 2 months!  They are comfy, stylish and waterproof!

I purchased these back in the summer online while they were on clearance. I admit waiting 3 months to wear them was killer but it was so worth the wait!  My only regret is I did not buy several pairs in various colors.  I will be very very sad when these finally have to go to pasture. (yes that was a cowboy pun! I am sooo funny!)

What can I say about this yogurt other than YUMMY!!!!  I will admit that this yogurt is pretty pricey but it is so thick and creamy and well just lovely!!!  I find it a little more economical to buy a large container that I can add to my oatmeal or dinners throughout the week. A large container runs around $4 and can usually last me the week. That is compared to the individual containers that average around $2.50 each!  I may not buy it every week, but it is such a treat when it is in the apartment!  

I fully admit that I am one of those girls who is totally and utterly obsessed with handbags. Big, small, canvas, leather, tote or hobo... I love them all.  Yet, recently I purchased a bag that seems to have answered many of the needs of this self confessed purse junky! 
My personal bag is an taupe/greyish color

This adjustable crossbody bag from B.Makowsky as an adjustable arm strap that allows you to go from a crossbody to a shoulder bag in a matter of seconds.  Being a city girl this bag is ideal for baseball games or a night out on the town.  It is not super huge, lays flat and yet still manages to fit my wallet, Digital SLR camera and phone!  

I love this bag so much that I now carry it exclusively when I travel and go out a night.  The only bag that trumps it is a large black tote I bring to work (fits laptop and files + camera!).  Otherwise if you see me out there is a good chance this is what will be draped across me!  I LURVE IT!!!
The blogging world seems to be obsessed with all types of nut butters and frankly I am ok with that!
These protein packed spreads are not only nutritious with good fats and proteins they are also delicious and extremely multifunctional!

From Justin's Nut Butters in numerous varieties to Sunflower Butter and even classic Peanut Butter these spreads can keep you satisified from breakfast to dessert.

Just some random items I mix with the various nut butters you ask?  Here you go: 
  • Oatmeal
  • Mixed with yogurt
  • Sandwich
  • On a sweet potato
  • In stirfry
  • Sliced fruit
  • On a bagel or crackers
  • Over ice cream
  • Marinade for chicken or other meat dish

The list could go on and on but you get the idea....

So what are you loving lately?

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