Monday, February 14, 2011

A bit of Aussie in Southie!

Good morning everyone,

I am currently sitting in Pittsburgh International Airport trying to ignore the fact that every muscle in my body aches and is bruised from my very entertaining attempt at snowboarding yesterday!(more on that later!)

One happy thought of returning to Boston however, is that I will be closer to my new love the "Aussie Meat Pie"!  KO Pies & Catering as recently opened in South Boston and after seeing them on Chronicle last week I knew I had to get down there ASAP!!!

Knowing on Friday that I had an evening of packing ahead of me, I decided that it was the perfect night for a take away dinner.  I stopped off at the cute location right on A street, just a few blocks from the Broadway T stop. When walking in you feel like you are instantly transported to Australia.  From the decor to the selection of imported Australian treats (tea, crackers and even Vegemite).

The smells of butter and savory meats cooking away was amazing!  I quickly went straight to the menu  (even though I had been perusing it all day at work).  I decided on one classic meat pie, garlic mash potatoes and a broccoli and cheese pastie for the roomie and I.

The staff was amazingly nice and were very helpful on helping me narrow down my choices.  Everything was ready in under 5 minutes and I was on my way.
It took all my willpower not to go face first into this before sharing with the roommate!

buttery, flaky and filled with the most amazing savory meaty filling!

Broccoli encased in a buttery crust? Yes please!!! 

A meal you eat with your hands! What could be better?

where did it go?
I can say that the only downside to this dinner was that we didn't order more!  Everything was exactly how you would imagine a proper meat pie to be.  flaky, buttery, seasoned juicy meat filling and never over greasy. The potatoes were creamy and wonderfully seasoned with garlic, salt & pepper.

I can foresee myself becoming a regular here very quickly (especially since it is on my return route for my Avon training walks).  You have to go here!  I am not kidding, whatever you have planned for dinner, lunch or even breakfast... CANCEL IT! and get to southie asap!!!!!

Go now!  Seriously!  Turn off the computer and head straight to 87 A St and meet Sam and the crew of KO Pies!!!