Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back from the dead with beer in hand!

Hello world!!

After almost a week with perhaps the worst stomach flu in history this foodie is back in action!  However, mother nature has decided that back in action should include shoveling and trying to figure out where to put another 10" of snow!!!
This says it all....  enough!!!
My office is closed today so after much shoveling I am taking on bread making again!  More on that later... First I thought I would fill you all in on what I was doing right before I got sick and my some outings that have helped me on the mend...

Last Tuesday Erica and I went over to the Harpoon Brewery for a tasting of their newest 100 Barrel session #35 Catmount Maple Wheat.
It is a great night where aprox 100 people meet at the Brewery to taste fresh beer and learn from the Brew Master themselves about the newest creation. This was my second tasting (the first was session #30 Island Creek Oyster Stout (AMAZING!!!)) and it did not disappoint!

mmmm fresh beer!
With hints of maple this well rounded beer is the perfect mid-winter beer.  The Maple Syrup is from VT near the other Harpoon Brewery which keeps the beer local and supporting local businesses.

Say cheese beer everyone!

perhaps the best bathroom sign EVER!  Arrrrr! Pirate!!!
 It was a wonderful night of good beer, great people and learning a little bit more about what goes into making something completely original!  I really love how Harpoon lets their Brewers take the reigns and create whatever their hearts desire!  Each session is an adventure in the world of beer that I always look forward too!

Fast forward almost a week later and I am finally on the mends... After a week with no desire to eat never mind drink I was soooooo looking forward to an evening of beer tasting, good appetizers and conversation with perhaps the funniest lady I know - Miss Fritzy!  at Boston's only Scottish Ale House The Haven in Jamaica Plain.

Pretty Things Beer was at the Haven for a tasting of their Saint Botolph's Town Beer.  This beer is dark, malty and has an amazing depth to it!  I encourage you to learn more about Pretty Things Project and about the other unique beers they are creating.  Another win for local beer!!

Unique bathroom at the Haven
Once we had our delicious beers in hand (+ a free glass!), we sat down for a few appetizers and some laughs.
I have been a few times to this tribute to all things Scottish and can say that I have never been disappointed in what I have ordered.  Just look at the options....

We ordered the Scotch Deviled Eggs & the Forfar Lamb Bridies and split them both.  It was the perfect amount of food for two hungry ladies who were laughing the evening away.  By the time we left around 730ish (early night, I was still recovering!) the restaurant was jammin'!  I am so happy to see a neighborhood establishment so busy on a Monday night!

So there you have it....2 beer tastings with good friends at places you should get to asap!!!  I am off to slice into this warm yummy honey wheat bread I just made!!!  Can't wait to share it with you all (the story, not the bread!  Not even sure I will be able to save some for my roommate it smells that good!!)

What and where have you been over the past week?  Any great places I should be testing out?!