Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner & Detox Week II

Growing up I spent just about every Sunday the same way.  Church in the morning and then off to my grandparents house for Sunday Dinner.  Each week my grandparents made macaroni and meatballs with all the fixins' for their kids, grandkids and whatever friend finagled their way in. That invite would usually result in 10-20 family members gathering in a small home gossiping about life, family, politics etc all while eating and drinking.  

Some of my happiest memories come from those weekly dinners.  Even in college I would make sure to go to Sunday Dinner before heading back (the care packages of leftovers from Gram was a bonus!)  Now a days the family meets every few months for our Sunday Dinner.  Its a wonderful chance to catch up with the family and eat my weight in meatballs have some tasty homemade Italian food.

This month my cousin and his wife hosted the family at their new home (no small task and kudos for taking it on!!). What better way to spend a Sunday than enjoying time with your family, football playoffs w/ a glass of wine and hearing the little kids play in the next room.  I cannot share with all you the family recipes for Gram's sauce but I can share some pictures of our meal from today.

Meatballs the size of softballs!  Thats how the Sailing Foodie family does it!

Pasta for 20 anyone?

mmmmm... Sunday Dinner!!!!!
After a few desserts (there were 4 bdays to celebrate!) and a sampling of my aunts homemade Lemoncello I made my way back to Boston.  On my way home I stopped at the market to stock up on fresh veggies and fruits.  I have to say that after a week of mostly clean eating my mood, energy and even my complexion have improved!  I am excited for week II!  

For week two I am going with mainly salads for lunch and soups/stews for dinner ( it is 30 degrees here!).  After reading about Bianca's "Spicy Barbecue Nuggets" I knew exactly what would be topping my salads this week!  

You may not love tofu, but I urge you to give it a chance!  Whether you bake it, fry it or blend it in a smoothie it is tasty, flexible and a great source of protein.  Instead of using barbecue sauce I quickly coated my tofu in a soy gyoza dipping sauce.  I baked them in my toaster oven at 400 degrees for aprox 40 minutes.  So little prep for such a tasty healthy addition to my kitchen sink salad.
Super Firm Diced Tofu (I drain it thru paper towels for about 10 minutes)

Quick marinade of soy gyoza & garlic dipping sauce

While the tofu was baking I put together my salad for lunch tomorrow.  This medley included baby spinach, variety of sprouts (from whole foods), chickpeas, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and roasted red pepper.
mmmmm  crunchy soy tofu nuggets! (seriously this is sooo tasty! just try it!!!)

Finished salad!
I waited for the tofu to cool, added it to my salad.  Volia! Healthy filling lunch with very little effort!!  I am also packing a few snack for throughout the day as well such as: Granny Smith apple, low fat mozzarella cheese stick, plain Greek yogurt and a bag of sliced veggies (celery, green pepper, carrots & cucumber). These snacks and lunch will keep my happy and full when spread out throughout the day.