Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snow Day Saturday!

I usually spend most Saturday's running errands and being a typical city weekend warrior. However, today I awoke to find a city covered in white! It wasn't a huge storm but it was enough of a snow fall to discourage this girl from venturing out of the apartment anytime soon.

I decided to make a BIG coffee and a breakfast sandwich (scrambled egg, cheese, chives w/ turkey bacon on a sandwich thin) and get back in bed!  After several hours of catching up on various blogs, Facebook and my DVR I figured I needed to get out of bed and my sweatpants tuxedo  to be productive.

My original plan for the day was to head to the Somerville Winter Farmer's Market but I couldn't get the motivation to take the T there and walk another 20 minutes to its location.  That adventure will have to be tabled for another day.  Instead I bundled up like Randy from "A Christmas Story" and ventured out for a walk.
"I can't put my arms down!!!"
I know what you're thinking..  "wow, a walk...big whoop!"  but let me explain.  I LOVE to walk!  I live in a city that within minutes allows me to be surrounded by shops or the ocean. Who wouldn't want to walk and explore that?!  That and I have started my annual training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer (I will be doing a post on this soon). Basically I need to get this food loving city girl ready to walk 40 miles over 2 days in May!

Ok, ok getting back to my Snow Day.  I left the apartment and decided to walk an approximately 6 mile loop around South Boston that took me to Castle Island and back.
This is a good mix of flat walking by the water and hills as you get into the interior section of Southie.

Today the walk was not as green and sunny as the picture above.  It looked more like this:

It was a pretty chilly walk but I still managed to work up quite a sweat trying to maneuver the icy sidewalks.  I was impressed to see so many runners oot and aboot as well!  I do not have the grace just yet to run on such dodgy sidewalks!

After returning home I knew that there was only one thing this foodie wanted on a cold winter day...


I have written before about my love for the one pot dish and it only intensifies on cold days like today!  Since I am trying to be better with my budget I made this soup from what I had on hand instead of impulse buying at the market on an empty stomach.  After perusing the cabinets and freezer I came up with Kale Soup w/ pancetta & pasta.

As always I started with my Le Crueset Dutch Oven, onions and butter (just use it!).  I crisped up about a cup of diced pancetta and then added diced onion (1 lrg yellow onion) and carrots to soften.  
mmmm pork!

see all the brown bits?!  You want that!! 
After the onions softened I added about a 3 second pour (sorry, I rarely measure when cooking!) of white wine to deglaze the pan (catches all those yummy brown bits.)

TIP FOR WINE: If you wouldn't drink it DO NOT cook with it.  The flavor intensifies when you cook it down.
Bonus left behind from Xmas Party!
Once the wine was in I added 1 1/2 boxes of chicken broth (about 6 cups), 1 box of frozen chopped kale (threw the frozen block in whole), handful of chopped basil and 4 tsps (remainder of the jar) of Smokin Garlic Tomato Spread and let it come up to a boil.
Picked this up while in VT. Its good on almost everything!

mmmmm simmering soup!
Once the soup came to a boil I added 3 handfuls of spiral whole wheat pasta (I told you I didn't really measure) and let the pasta cook away.  Hardest part of cooking soup is WAITING!

Ahhh!!!  Yummy comforting healthy soup!!!!!
Once I devoured  enjoyed this wonderful soup I was craving something sweet to finish my meal.  I made myself something I usually have for breakfast but was craving... 
English muffin w/ Nutella & Banana!
Oh Nutella, how do I love thee?!
So that is my lazy snow day! Tomorrow I am headed home for a family Sunday dinner. Can you say Macaroni & Meatballs!!!

What is your favorite thing to do when you are snowed in?