Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick Day

Well my plan of healthy eating at work was short lived... Not because of tempting cookies or the smell of chicken nuggets but because this foodie is sick :(

minus the pet, this is how I spent my day....

I am the first to admit that I am a bit of a baby when I am sick.  All I want is to sleep the day away and just hope that I feel better soon.  The worst part of being sick for me is the utter lack of appetite!  So instead of enjoying fresh veggies today I have had my annual share of saltine crackers and tea.  I did manage to eat some leftover Kale Soup for lunch (thank god for always cooking for 8-10 people!). For dinner I think soup will be on the menu again. I am going to make a simple miso soup with some  Soy Tofu Nuggets and glass noodles.

Ok enough talk about this sick girl. Lets talk about some updates on my 2011 goals

I am happy to say that on this front I have been doing pretty good.  Instead of running to the market on any craving I have been creating delicious meals with what I have on hand.  I have to say, between my pantry and freezer the roommate and I have a pretty stocked kitchen!

As for general shopping temptations I have deleted & unsubscribed to the majority of daily emails I get.  Part of the challenge I have faced in the past is wanting things when I see them.  By not getting the email for that super insider VIP sale I am not craving a new pair of boots.  We will see how this goes when the seasons change but for now it seems to be working.

Half Marathon & Personal Travel
Could it be that this Type A foodie has managed to multi-task my goals?!  I think so... 

After talking with friends and getting Bianca on board to join me in the Half Marathon challenge it finally seemed real to me!  I had thought about perhaps traveling to another city for the run to make a full event out of it.  My first thought was in Pittsburgh but their half marathon conflicts with my Avon Walk in May (maybe they will have a fall run...). My disappointment was short however, lived when Bianca sent me a link to a 1/2 marathon in April in NYC!!!  How fun!!!

So yes it may be a bit short on the training front but what better way to get my arse in gear that having a deadline to work towards.  Plus I can't think of a better way to kick off this running adventure than sharing the experience with a fellow friend, foodie & blogger (can you imagine that pre-run carbo loading meal!  EPIC!!!)

I am still working on getting in more yoga and Theology in my day to day life but it is only Jan 10th so I am not too worried just yet.  I have a wonderful grace book with daily scriptures that I was given by a great mentor at my previous job.  I want to make an effort to spend a few moments each day with this book and hopefully it will help me to not sweat the small stuff in life and also inspire me on my Theology journey.

Ok this sick girl is off to make more tea....

How are you all doing in week 2 of 2011?  Have any success stories with your 2011 goals?