Thursday, January 20, 2011

Satisfy the craving! (for red meat!)

A little known fact you may not know about me is my undying love for all things cheeseburgers!
Have you ever seen something more beautiful?!

To me it is one of the most perfect marriage of flavors, textures and the possibilities for combination's is endless!  Don't get me wrong, I love my veggies and crave them often but every now and then a girl just wants a juicy cheeseburger!  I don't eat cheeseburgers all that often for a few reasons.

1. I would be 700 lbs w/ arteries that resemble caramel

2. Burgers make me crave french fries and french fries (all fried food) gives me heartburn.

3. My budget could not sustain the constant need for $8-$20 burgers found throughout Greater Boston (budget is much happier w/ my $.79 Goya Beans purchases!)

However, even with those valid reasons to stay clear of the cheeseburger my heart (metaphorically, not literally! See reason 1 above!) will always love and crave for it!  Yesterday was one of those days when cheeseburgers where the only things I could think about!
(via) I probably looked like this at work!

Since I hadn't had one for a while my brain was running through hundreds of scenarios on how I could satisfy this craving....
  • Go out to a fancy shmancy place for a burger with all the fixins'
  • Stop at a fast food place on the way home and regret it later
  • Alter my commute home to hit Five Guys in Swampscott for good fast food (but still regret it later from intense heart burn)
  • Create my own at home
After some wonderful recommendations on twitter for places with good burgers in the Greater Boston area, I decided that my cholesterol and wallet would appreciate if I made my own at home (thus avoiding french fries )

I stopped by the Meat House in Beverly to pick up some goodies: hand formed beef patties, pineapple salsa, fresh made bread and kettle corn (what! it was $0.99 and it was staring at me I swear!!!)

mmm... beef , salsa & bread!

This salsa is AMAZING! Fresh with a bit of zing but not spicy!
FYI, this salsa may have actually stolen the show! It was fresh, crunchy and refreshing.  The roommate and I already have plans to top fish with it tonight!

Instead of french fries as a side I stuck with the "french" theme but switched up potatoes for French Beans sauteed with onions, sherry wine, grape tomatoes and a sesame ginger seasoning (thanks to my BFB Swag Bag!)
Giant containers of veggies thanks to a Costco run on Sunday....

Sherry that I had on hand (perfect for French Onion Soup or deglazing a pan!)
I quickly sauteed the onion in a bit of olive oil until softened, then I added the sherry to deglaze.  Once the sherry was in I added the beans, seasoning and another splash of sherry to allow the beans to steam a bit in the sherry.

Extreme close up of happy drunk beans!
Right before the beans are done I added a handful of grape tomatoes.  I wanted them to heat through but not so much that they begin to "pop" in the pan.

While the veggies were cooking away I put the burgers on our Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler to grill up.  I like my burgers medium so about 5 minutes on each side.  You want the juices to run clear from the burger.....

When the burger was just about ready, I added a small amount of Gruyere cheese (left over from the Bacon Mac n' Cheese) and a bit of chopped scallion to melt into the cheese!

Once done, I placed this juicy piece of heaven on a slice of fresh cut bread, topped with a heaping amount of salsa and served with beans on the side.  In my excitement I forgot to snap a picture of the final plate (it was that good!)

Moral of the story you ask?  If you are craving something GO FOR IT!!  Everything in moderation and if your body is asking for a juicy burger than I say enjoy!  Now if your body is asking for a cheeseburger 6 days a week with a side of fries and a milkshake than perhaps you need to have a stern discussion with your body.

Otherwise... ENJOY!  Some people eat to live, others live to eat.  I like to think I am the latter group and truly enjoy creating new flavor combination's to keep dinner exciting and new!

What have you been craving lately?