Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post holiday Detox?

If you know me then you are well aware that I despise the word Diet and all that it stands for....  I just don't see how restricting yourself day after day is a viable long term way to live your life. Our grandparents never questioned that pad of butter or slice of pie after dinner and they are all rocking it out in their mid-80s now!

However, I do believe there is such a thing as over-indulgence.  A little bit of anything is good and a lot of anything can be bad!  Over the past three weeks I have been lucky enough to celebrate the holiday season with family & friends at great cocktail parties, dinners and nights out.  I am proud of myself for embracing the quality time and ordering dessert again and again (I am a savory girl and usually pass on dessert so I can have more cheese!).

Not only do I have a plethora of pictures and funny stories from the past few weeks but I am guessing also an expanding waist line.
mmmm lemon icing!

appetizers and more appetizers every where I turn....

mmmm eggnog!

Dessert?  Yes Please!

More dessert?  Twist my arm.. YES please!!!

One more dessert....  why not!

Not sure if this makes sense but after 3 weeks of indulging this Sailing Foodie is craving vegetables! (like the ones below...)
veggies in soup....

red red peppers!

summer tomatoes.. how do I love thee?

Kitchen Sink bean & veggie salad... YES Please!!!

I think my body has had its share of holiday indulgences and I really just need a giant kitchen sink salad to get my energy back!  So today I am going to go through the cabinets, search the weekly market circulars & cookbooks and plan out some yummy healthy & energizing meals to kick start 2011!!

I would love to know what recipe is your go-to meal when you need to get back on the balanced eating wagon?

Happy New Year everyone!!!