Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New England Sports Weekend!

Hello friends!  Currently I am doing what probably about 99.9% of New Englanders are also doing at this moment... Preparing for Sunday Football!!!!  Today our beloved New England Patriots take on the Evil Empire that is the NY Jets in the playoffs!  The roommate and I had a very productive morning and will soon be in the kitchen cooking up a giant pot of Bacon, Tomato and Onion Mac n' Cheese!  What more could you want on a cold winter day?
mmmmm  BACON!!!!!!!

Football - check!

Yummy ooey gooey stick to your ribs dinner - check!
heres hoping ours looks half as good as this!!!

Assortment of Sam Adams Beers to wash down said ooey gooey goodness - check!

While today may be all about football yesterday was all Hockey!  From watching the Bruin's go toe-pick to toe-pick with the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday afternoon to attending a Boston Unversity vs. Harvard Hockey game last night!  This Sailing Foodie left the comfort of open oceans to go to the frozen tundras of stadium arenas and I liked it!!!

Sadly the Bruin's lost yesterday but it was an amazing game by both teams.  The Bs even managed to score 2 goals in 13 seconds!!!  This may be the first year that I have paid really close attention to the whole season of Hockey but I don't think I could have picked a better year!  It also helps that I have a great teacher!  My roommate is "Chuck" of Pants & Chuck from What's Up Ya Sieve Blog. If you ever wanted to learn about hockey, laugh your arse off and look at dreamy photos of players than this is your site!

After an afternoon of professional hockey and a quick dinner (salad w/ chicken, roasted red peppers, cucumbers & sprouts) we headed out to the Agganis Arena to watch Chuck's alma mater Boston University  kick some hockey butt!

Say hello to the BU Terriers!

My favorite BU Player!  He is soooo FAST! (also had 2 goals in the game!)

My fav #12 Connolly even got the star of the game!
 I really enjoyed this college game. There is something so wonderful about watching the students cheer for their team!  Along with students and parents in the stands there is also a large fan base of past and future Terriers.  So many little hockey pee-wees I felt like I was in the filming for The Mighty Ducks. We had two little guys behind us (probably around 7 years old) that made my night!  These two kids knew more about hockey then I will probably ever hope to know!  It just made the whole night so humorous to listen to these two go back and forth! Hopefully someday the roommate and I will each have boys who do the same!

This morning I wanted something warm and filling to keep me going on our EPIC Costco run (post tomorrow about that!).  I went with Apple Custard Oats that I have adapted from one of my favorite blogger's recipe Holly the Healthy Everythingtarian Banana Custard Oats.  I will let her explain the mechanics of how to make such a wonderful breakfast.  I however will share how I adapted it a bit (soy milk, apple and pumpkin pie spice).  Please feel free to take both recipes and make them your own!  The wonderful thing about custard oats is that you can make them hundreds and hundreds of ways with an infinite option for toppings!
The staples for oatmeal

1 green apple diced

Heat apple and milk until just about to boil
 Add in your oats and spices.  Once you are happy with the thickness of your oats add your apple as per Holly's Instructions
Pour into a big bowl, grab your coffee and enjoy!!!

Ok, off to focus on this game!!!  Teaser for tomorrow's post - Bacon, Cheese and Beer!!!  Oh how I love football food!!!!