Friday, January 14, 2011

My Favorites Right Now!

It's Friday and I don't really have any fun food or sailing adventures to share... (Had a quick miso soup for dinner at 9 last night while watching the Bruins kick arse!)  Not really very photogenic...

So to keep you all entertained on this winter day I thought I would share some of my favorite things in life right now...

Grace Potter & The Nocturnal's 
My roommate made me a copy of their cd (yes an actual Cd!) for XMas. I have a mini commute to work and like to change up the cd player now and then.  I am OK to admit that this album has been playing over and over again while I sing at the TOP OF MY LUNGS!  Fellow commuters must think I am having a seizure but I don't care.  It is Rock, Blues, Funk and Pop all at the same time and I LOVE IT!!!!

Local Pubs/Restaurants: 
Part of the lure of living in a big city is the access to amazing pubs/restaurants just steps away from your home.  Here are a few of my personal favs!

Franklin Southie
A somewhat new addition to the Southie scene, the Franklin Southie has quickly become a local favorite and fixture in the neighborhood.  With specials changing daily to reflect local goods and seasons plus a bar-tending staff that makes you want to move in and be called Norm they just get it right every time!  They are friendly, knowledgeable and can cook their arses off!!

Another bonus is that I can walk there from my apartment!  Hello what more could you ask for!?!  If you go anywhere this weekend, I recommend you here!! (finish reading the blog though! more favorites are below!)

The Banshee
Oh the Banshee... how does one write about something they love so dearly!?  I have been coming here since before I moved to the city.  I was introduced to it by some great college friends many many moons ago and have been hooked ever since! 

The Banshee is a proper Irish Pub that plays all the soccer, rugby and American sports one could ever dream of.  They open at 7am if that is when your team is playing across the pond and they will make you a breakfast WITH a Guinness or Magners to go with it.  Their lunch & Dinner menu is just as grand.  There is no other place in Boston that I would feel comfortable going to by myself, ponying up at the bar and chatting with the staff and fellow customers.  It is everything a girl could want in a pub.  Great beer, good food, amazing staff and a cast of characters as regulars that are always sure to put a smile on your face!  Even as I write this I want to go there STAT!  Perhaps dinner?!  I think so!!!

Whiteboard in a Box
My boss just gave me a HUGE sheet of this to add to my wall.  My OCD /Type A personality couldn't be happier!!!  All you do is peal the backing off and attach it to a clean wall and Voila! You have a white board of your very own!!

Just look at all that space to Brainstorm, write TO DO lists AND I get to use pretty color markers!  What more could a girl want.....

Long gone are the days of college where you would gladly drink BUSH or Keystone because it was cheap.  Now that I have a good job I can pay a few extra $$ for good local beer that somebody with true passion has created!   Here are a few of my loves!

Harpoon Brewery
What can I say about Harpoon?  It is like talking about your first love....  Harpoon IPA was the first beer that showed me there was good beer out there and that it could be local!  I have tried just about all of their brews including their various 100 Barrel Series that they release throughout the year.  I have never had a Harpoon I didn't like!

Also, this company is committed to being involved in their community. Whether it is through Charity Runs (Harpoon 5M for the Angel Fund) or their involvement with building homes for the less fortunate Harpoon is an active member in the community of MA and VT (where their two breweries are located).  I challenge you to try their beer and not fall instantly in love with every aspect of this company!

Wachusett Brewery
Growing up in Central Ma I always thought of skiing if someone mentioned Wachusett. (Great local ski resort only 45 minutes from Boston).  However, that is all changed thanks to one local Brewery that came on the beer scene around 1993.  Wachusett Brewery as quickly become a MA favorite especially with the introduction of the Green Monsta Beer during baseball season.  My personal favorite is their Blueberry Ale and I think perhaps their most popular.  The founders are from WPI University and I have to say the students today drink a lot of Wachusett!  One of the favorite pubs by the University, The Boynton Pub serves Wachusett Beer and you can usually find the majority of its' patrons drinking some variety of this beer daily!

The beer is tasty, the staff is amazing and if you ever get the chance to visit there Brewery in Westminster, MA I highly recommend you do!

Known as the Oldest Brewery in America this Brewery in Pennsylvania makes Ales and Lagers with recipes from the early 1800's.  It is just a good clean, crisp refreshing beer!  The only con to this amazing beer and company is that it is NOT available in ANY of the New England States!!!!!  I don't get it Yuengling?!  We New Englanders love PA and your beer, please please please start distributing to us!  I promise you we will buy it by the case and by the keg!! 

Eggs may not be trendy, but I cannot think of anything more delicious and multifaceted than eggs!  They can be used in every meal from Breakfast to Dessert.  Perhaps my favorite meal Eggs Benedict uses them twice in one dish!  I could go on and on about these magical little spheres of delicious yellowy yokey heaven but I will spare you all.  If you don't like eggs I beg you to give them another chance. Find a great little dinner (like the Depot Diner in Beverly) and have someone who knows eggs make them for you!  It will change your whole perspective, I promise you!!!