Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homemade Indian!

I awoke today and still felt a bit mehhh but got myself up and off to work. I snacked on crackers and tea for most of the day and managed to eat my salad at lunch.

Then around 2:30/3ish the most wonderful thing happened!  I became ravenously hungry!!!!  The worst part about being sick for a foodie is the utter lack of desire to eat.  I am not sure I can express to you all how often I think about food, planning my next meal etc.. so to have zero appetite is just heart breaking!

My commute home was a bit insane. I spent the 30 minute commute mentally perusing my pantry & fridge trying to decide what to make. The options ran from turkey sandwich, to Greek lemon rice soup, Thai shrimp and Swedish meatballs.  A good portion of the ride was also spent talking myself out of going to the market and I am so glad I did!

The winning dish ended up being Indian Lentils w/ Masala Sauce, Spinach and Basamati Rice.  Nom nomm nommm!!!  I love to get take-out from the local Indian Restaurant in my neighborhood Shanti and have wanted to try and cook more Indian recipes at home. So here we go......
All you need for yummy Indian dishes for beginners
 To make this simple dish all you need is Lentil Beans (Chana Dal), Masala sauce, Basmati Rice and Spinach.
A bit brighter of a picture right?!

Lentils simmering in Masala sauce
Following the directions for the lentils I mixed 3 cups water, 1 cup Masala sauce and 1/2 cup of lentils into a pan and let come to a boil.  Once boiling, turn down and let simmer until beans are tender (about 35 mins).  Also prepare the Basmati rice according to package details (TIP: I like to toast my rice first in a tsp of coconut oil before adding to boiling water.  It adds a deep nutty flavor to your rice)
 While the lentils are simmering chop your spinach and set aside.
 To go along with this delicious meal I am adding a bit of plain Greek yogurt and Trader Joes's Naan. (The garlic naan is my favorite but this is still very very delicious!).
mmm fluffy nutty rice!

Lentils simmering away!

 If you love spinach feel free to add it to the lentils about 5 minutes before you are ready to serve.  My roomie wasn't feeling the spinach love tonight so I added it to the bottom of my bowl and then covered it with the hot rice to let it wilt down.

Next top your rice with your lentils n' sauce.  I added a HEAPING spoonful of yogurt (which I then stirred into the entire bowl) and cut up a portion of hot crunchy naan.

Voila!  In under an hour I had a hot comforting and healthy meal!!!

It is looking like Boston is going to be hit by a Nor'easter tonight so look forward to Snow Day Part II and possibly "Black bean and sweet potato stew" recipe!