Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goal is set.. No turning back now!

So I have written a lot in this blog about my love for running and my desire to do it more often.  I am happy to say that I ran 3 road races in 2010 (Harpoon 5M, 5K in Central Ma & the Devil's Race (6.66 miles).  Every time I run a race I feel great and so motivated to make it a regular event in my life.  Then life gets in the way. When I look down at my neglected running shoes I realize that its been months since I've run.

Admittedly I did not train regularly for any of the previous races and that shows in my race times. I am not looking to win a race but ideally I would like to get down to a 9/9.30 minute mile.  Thanks to a tip on an upcoming race in town from Bianca who has also decided to join me, I have committed to running the Boston Run to Remember 2011 in Boston!  This 13.1 mile race loops around Boston starting and ending at the Boston Seaport. 
Courtesy of Boston Run to Remember website

I usually spend Memorial Day weekend on the Vineyard prepping the house and drinking/eating the weekend away.  I am not saying that I won't be taking the first ferry down there after the race but think this is a great motivator to kick start my love of running again.  Also by having Bianca join me, I know I will have a buddy to keep me honest and on track in these upcoming months!

So the point of this post?  As always I am not sure... One is to put it out there that I am running so that you all keep me honest!  Second, I figured by putting it on here I can blog about my progress, times, challenges etc... 

I think my biggest hurdle will be myself.  I tend to jump into any project head first. In the past I have gone to the gym for 5 days straight and ran my legs to death.  I am so sore come Friday that I spend the next week recovering and then fall into the trap of not going back.  The plan this time around is to do some research on running training plans and also to head over to my favorite sporting store ever Marathon Sports for new kicks' and some advice on winter/spring running. (Remember, I have the grace and coordination of a baby giraffe!  Ice +Running + this girl = DANGER!)

Please feel free to join me in this challenge!  I think it would be great to have a big group running come May!!! My goal is to start with a small walk/run tomorrow at the gym and perhaps do some big city walks over the weekend (maybe a run if the snow/ice is cleared).  Then mix up my week with a few days of yoga and a few days of running.  I would like to be at 6 miles by the end of February, 8 miles by the end of March, 10 miles by end of April and the goal of 13 miles by May (sounds reasonable right!?!)

So do you think I am crazy?!  Or just crazy enough that you are already on the website signing up!!!