Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting re-acquainted with vegetables!

Earlier this week I wrote about how I needed to take a break from all the indulgences of the holiday season.  On Sunday I took my toukas to the market to stock up on all these natural, green and delicious goodies!!!
So many colors!  Nom nomm nommm

The first menu item I made was my infamous Kitchen Sink salad.  This is my go-to dish that is super filling, healthy uber tasty and cheap. Ever look at the price of canned beans? Goya Beans range from $.59-$1!! that is cheap eats! It should be noted that I don't think I have ever made this the same way twice but that is a good thing!  You can basically throw any combo of grains, beans, veggies & dressing in a bowl and end up with something wonderful

This weeks salad had wheat berries, black beans, mung bean sprouts, sumac spice (you can find this on Amazon, its amazing!!), peppers, tomatoes, onions, parsley & mint with Italian dressing.  soooo yummy!!!

For my next meal to share with you, the roommate filled me in on the amazing fact that yesterday was National Spaghetti Day!!!  How could I not have pasta and still consider myself a good Italian girl!!

So to keep it light n' healthy I stopped at one of my favorite markets Hannaford for a few staples (whole wheat pasta, garlic, peppers, zucchini & garlic bread).  A healthy yummy weekday sauce is so simple to whip up.  I quickly sauteed all the veggies and de-glazed it with a shot of white wine.  From there I added a jar of Trader Joe's Red sauce and voilà!  Let it simmer away to delicious goodness.  Meanwhile my fabulous roomie was grilling chicken on our Cuisinart 5 in 1 Grille (Kitchen Appliance Necessity!!!)  and the spaghetti was boiling away. Once the pasta was cooked we quickly drained it and mixed it right into the pot of sauce, sliced the chicken & garlic bread and dinner was ready! I would say within 30 minutes we had a delicious tasty veggie packed dinner for two!
Looks like an Italian flag in the pan!

splash of wine to deglaze the pan

It is not my mom's sauce but it will do for a Tuesday night

mmm... veggies & sauce Oh My!!!

Best kitchen investment!  Go get one people!!!

Just looking at this is making me hungry again! 
Final recipe to share with you all is the one that frightened me a bit this week.  I am what you could call an "egg slut". I love eggs and basically crave them daily!  Today happened to be a day where eggs crossed my mind hourly.. I originally planned on having breakfast for dinner but driving home in the cold had me craving soup.  Sooooo I decided to embrace my love for all things Asian cuisine and attempt of Chinese food take out classic "Egg Drop Soup".

Surprisingly I had all the needed ingredients in the house and got right to cooking.  I have provided the link above for the recipe I based my soup off of, but as always I improvised with what I had on hand.

In my adaptation I quickly softened an onion, carrot and garlic before adding the chicken broth. I basically just let the broth come to a boil and then added the soy sauce, oyster sauce & ginger to the pot.  I softened the glass noodles & seaweed in a separate bowl and strained.  Once the broth was heated I stirred in a beaten egg into the broth so that it mixed into the soup without turning into a scrambled egg (my biggest fear!) It came out sooo good!!!!!!!
My ingredients....

My additions to the recipe

Glass noodles and seaweed softening 

Beaten egg

Ta Da!!!  
 This soup was sooo yummy and exactly what I was craving!

So the point of this post is to show you that getting your veggies doesn't have to be boring or only salad after salad..  Go forth foodies and eat your veggies!  They are tasty and totally crave worthy goodies that deserve your love!!

What is your favorite veggie recipe?