Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorites of the past

Every morning I watch NECN news while getting ready for work. Today I was inspired by one of their segments aired from the Boston Common.  They were going over a list of items that have become obsolete in society that children born in 2011 will never use. 

It got me thinking... not so much about what is obsolete now but more about what I LOVED as a child that may not be around or mainstream for my niece & nephew today.

So today friends this blog will be transporting back to the mid-80s (maybe early 90s) for a list of my favorite items from childhood.  Enjoy!

Roller Racer
Perhaps the greatest toy ever invented!  These super toys are still available today but I don't see too many kids grabbing for this odd shaped mode of transport when they could have a Razor Scooter.

What do they know?!?!  My sister and I coveted our Racers thru most of our childhood. They were perfect for racing around our house on a rainy day (Mama & Papa Foodie may disagree with that since we usually demolished the house in the process).  Also, outside these tiny carts on wheels became essential in neighborhood downhill luge tournaments ( There may or may not have been several injuries directly linked to us using them in that manner, but I will never say for certain!)

Basically these racers allowed us to imagine and act out the craziest games. Over a long summer break that is really what every kid needs right? IMAGINATION  Pretty sure this is one of those toys that if given as a gift now I would consider marrying the gift-er ASAP for knowing me better than anyone on the planet (maybe not so much now, since I just told the whole world... but if they didn't read the blog than the proposal stands!)

Pogo Ball
Oh Pogo Ball how do I love thee?! 

I would love to meet the genius who took a kick ball and put a plastic disc around it!  Frackin Genius!!  Like the skip it below my sister and I would take this outside and bounce around our neighborhood for hours.  (that is until once of us pushed the other one off and started WWIII between us... so glad we get along now!) 

Even to this day I can still hum the tune of the commercial jingle and would pretty much pass out from glee if I was to get one today!  Such a simple concept but so much darn fun!!!

Fashion Plates
Perhaps not as exciting as my first two items but stay with me.  As a child of the 80s I have a deep and true love for all things bright, tacky and over the top! 

What helped to foster that tackiness you ask?

It was this nifty set you see above "Fashion Plates" were a stencil like kit that allowed you to make your own fashion line by mixing and matching tops & bottoms.  For a girl who has issues drawing a stick figure this was the perfect creative outlet for me.  I was able to color and design to my tacky hearts desire! 

I doubt this would be a big seller these days with the amount of computer based programs out there. But who knows, sometimes a girl just needs to color!

Nintendo- The original!
OK kids, I am sure playing Mario Cart and Dance Dance Revolution are the coolest (please say that in your best Billy Madison voice) but I am sorry nothing (and I mean NOTHING!) will ever top the Original Super Mario Brothers or Duck Hunt!  When I was around 9 or 10 we received this EPIC christmas gift and our excitement could have only been trumped by perhaps finding out that we also won a zoo or castle made of chocolate! 

Even my parents were addicted to this game system.  We used to wake up in the a.m. to find my dad sitting in front of the TV massacring ducks one by one... I am sorry but you can't beat the original and I just feel sad that you kids are spoiled with your spiffy graphics motion recognition software!

Skip It (aka express way to the ER!)
This seemingly innocent toy was actually banned at my elementary school because of the numerous broken, fractured and bruised ankles... 

Imagine a toy that is supposed to foster kids to get up & moving (it even had a counter as it spun around your ankle). The danger though, set in when you tried to make it a group activity! One kid would start spinning the counter while other kids jumped the ball at the end.  That ball had to be 2 lbs of heavy hard plastic whipping around at unsafe speeds.  One good crack to the ankle and you were down for the count!! 

That however, meant nothing to this girl!  I LOVED my Skip It and could be found outside after school and on weekends skipping and hopping away for ours!

Pretty sure it would still be a pretty kick-arse cardio exercise today! Anyone have one I can borrow?

Can we talk about my love for these cartoons! Every Saturday morning I would wake up early, get my cereal and camp myself out on the couch and watch as much of the Cartoon Express as my mom would let me!  ( Sis and I where then forced into Saturday chores of dusting and cleaning...)

These cartoons were hysterical and they often crossed shows to appear in other cartoons!  Sorry kids, but your Disney cartoons today have nothing on these classic toons'!

So that is my list of childhood favs!  I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps you will share with the group what your favorite childhood toy/game etc was that isn't around much today.  Remember sharing is caring!

Have a great weekend everyone!