Friday, January 21, 2011

Brendon Crocker's Wild Horse Cafe Review

Every day I reverse commute from the city to the North Shore Area of Massachusetts for work.  Before this job I knew very little about the North Shore except for the Salem Witch Trials and that Gloucester had a lot of fishing boats.

I am happy to say that thanks to some uber awesome co-workers and friends I have been exploring this area more and more!  Beverly, Salem, Hamilton, Marblehead & Gloucester have some amazing pubs, deli's, restaurants and markets!  One of my personal favorites which happens to be down the street from our office is "Brendon Crocker's Wild Horse Cafe.

This cafe/tavern has everything you want in a good local pub.  Amazing down to earth comfort food, a beer selection that would make most Craft Beer lovers weep (over 26 styles at any given time!) and an atmosphere that many many places try to create and fail miserably at.

Oh and NACHOS!  Did I mention the nachos? They make a plate of nachos that I dream about!

According to their website they are:

"An eclectic dining experience with antique tables, couches, and overstuffed chairs to relax in while enjoying an evening out. Chef/Owner Brenden Crocker cooks for flavor, not fad, delivering generous portions of the freshest local seafood and finest cuts of meat cooked to perfection at his wood fired grill. Thyme and onion focaccia are baked daily on premise." 

I couldn't agree more!  When you are there you feel like you are in a cozy living room of friends.  The staff is warm and inviting and always willing to recommend a new dish or brew to try.

Yesterday a group of us decided to go out for an after work cocktail and Wild Horse won out on our short list of favorite places to go.  Now I didn't have dinner last night at the Cafe but if I was, I would be sure to order this:

Creamy parmesan polenta, mushrooms and roasted onion relish 
I have had this several times and each time I am transported into a world of comfort food bliss! The contrast from the fall off the bone ribs next to the creamy polenta is enough to make a girl pass out from the sheer bliss!  I know I should order something else, but come on people! How often do you see BEEF Short Ribs on any menu, never mind someplace that does it so right!

We did however split two appetizers:

Apple Sage Beignets  
Honey cider dressing, bacon lardoons and greens 

Tortilla Chips , Jack Cheese, Black Beans, Guacamole, Salsa & Sour Cream
add Chili, Grilled Chicken or Chorizo
$ 4.00 each 

That is right... NACHOS! Oh sweet savory goodness!! Cheese, tomatoes, scallions and guacamole!!!!! They might seem pricey but that order was more than enough for 5 of us! 

For beverages I had a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale (I am milking all the holiday brews while they are still on tap.....) and an Allagash White Ale.

I highly recommend this Cafe/Tavern!  From great food to delicious drinks and incredible staff the Wild Horse  Cafe is an amazing local spot that you should get to ASAP!!!!

And when you go, (which you will!) Call me!!!  I am already craving their NACHOS (they are that good!!!  I am not kidding!!!!!!)

What is one your favorite local "go-to" restaurants/taverns?