Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Black Cow Review

Anyone else seeing a trend that I keep managing to eat at establishments named after colors and animals?  Black Cow, Yellow Dog (there is also the Black Lobster here in Salem...) I am sure there is something Freudian about this but I am not going to think too much into it....

Today I had the pleasure of catching up with a good college friend while at work (don't you love seeing college friends in the workplace?   Just me... oh well.. lets continue)

After the meeting we went for lunch at a go-to favorite of my office,  The Black Cow in Hamilton, MA.  A little history on the Black Cow from their website:

Located on Bay Road in the center of historic Hamilton, The Black Cow is housed in what was the town’s first brick building and served as the local post office until the 1980s. The magnificently restored restaurant is an architectural masterwork boasting high ceilings with exposed hewn beams, colonial rough brick walls surrounding a traditional New England hearth, and an expansive glass front that offers diners a glimpse of Hamilton village from virtually any table.

Can you picture having lunch in such a cozy knook with a roaring fire going?  I thought so!  Not only does the Black Cow win points for atmosphere but their food is FANTASTIC as well.  Of course we all know that is the real reason that any restaurant is going to get this girl's repeat business!  From French Onion Soup to entrees like Salmon with jasmine rice, spinach and herb butter sauce the Black Cow gets it right.

Today I wanted something warm and cozy but not too heavy (I did have to go back to work after all...) so I chose the Turkey sandwich. I know what you are thinking... wow Beth, how blah can you get but trust me this is no ordinary deli sandwich!

This delicious sandwich is packed full of fresh roasted hand-carved turkey, cranberry mayo, BACON and Vermont Cheddar cheese on soft n' crunchy multi-grain bread.  That beats out Sara Lee any day of the week people!!

AM ordered the Reuben which looked equally as delicious and to quote a fellow foodie:  "you know its a good sandwich when it falls apart"  I whole heartily agree sir!  The messier the better in my book when it comes to a good sandwich!

I don't have any pictures of this outing because lets be honest, I forgot my camera... so you will just have to imagine (or even better go there!).  I have been to the Black Cow more times than I can count and can honestly say that I have never had a bad meal or bad service.  It is a local restaurant that just gets it right every time! 

For those of you venturing there during non-working hours they also have a phenomenal beer/cocktail menu that is always changing with the seasons.

So where do you love to go when you are not brown bagging during the workday?