Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to work...

So after almost 2 1/2 weeks away from my desk I am back at work....  Although there are numerous emails and voicemails to catch up on there is something I am grateful to have back in my life.


As I mentioned yesterday this foodie has had her share of indulgences while on vacation.  The beautiful thing about being in the office is the routine of my day.  I wake up, have my breakfast & coffee and head off to work.  Once there I drink H2O all day long and have 2 normal snacks (not 12 lbs of Xmas cookies) and a brown bag lunch. 

So what does a typical day of eating look like for this always hungry foodie:

Breakfast is usually one of these:
Custard Oatmeal w/ Grapenuts & sunflower butter
Egg Sandwich w/ Swiss Cheese on a sandwich thin
Grapenuts w/ almond milk
Amy's Breakfast burrito (for those insane mornings)

Turkey Sandwich on multi-grain with miso mayo, spinach and cucumbers
Kitchen Sink salad (usually a mess of beans, veggies, feta w/ a homemade lemon-olive oil dressing)
Soup (usually same mess of ingredients from my KS salad just with broth and perhaps pasta)
Leftovers... learning to cook in an Italian family means that most nights my dinners could feed 6-8 people leaving plenty of leftovers for the roomie and I.

I am secure enough to admit that I do have a drawer FULL of food at work. I get hungry about every 1.5-2 hours so I always have something small near by (yes I keep food in my purse too! stop judging!!)  So what you ask do I keep in that drawer or bring with me each day????

Variety of snack bars from Kashi, Cliff & Larabars
Trader Joe's assorted trail mix and almond packs
Cheese Sticks
Greek Yogurt with Grapenuts
Chopped Veggies - Peppers, Celery, Carrots & Grape Tomatoes
Ready to serve tuna packs (perfect to throw on your KS salad)
Miso Soup packets (perfect emergency lunch or snack option)
Assorted nut butters (Peanut butter, almond butter, dark chocolate peanut butter!)
Lindt Dark Chocolate
Suxie's Multiseed Spelt Flat Bread
Tea, tea and more tea

So to sum it up, I am a creature of habit and being stuck to a computer for 8-10 hours a day actually helps me stay on track when it comes to eating well.  I am also lucky to have an employer that provides free coffee, tea and H2O throughout the day.

Even with all this being said I would give it all up in a second to be a beach bum on an island somewhere!  Anyone hiring?

What routine or task do you love about working 9-5?