Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Things - Part II Main Meals

Hey everyone,
Glad you loved the suggestions of oatmeal and random snack delights.  I am so excited to see my new followers from all over the world!  WELCOME!Can you believe people in Sweden and France have not only found my blog but also found it interesting!  Who knew?!

Oh well, I thought today I would focus on some of my favorite go-to dishes for weeknight meals, packed lunches and a few Sunday dishes that will keep you going all week long.  Starting this post my favorite things has my brain racing... not only do I foresee this list being a regular post, but it is also the inspiration for a cooking extravaganza at TQ & Kimmy's house this weekend.  Stayed tuned next week for recipes, pictures and updates of who tries more vegetables... my niece or my mom!  haha sorry KQ, but we all know its true :)

Alright, alright enough family mocking for one post, lets move on to the main event...more yummy dishes that make their way from my kitchen and into my tummy!

Risotto with spinach & mushrooms (no cream needed!) -  I know what you are thinking but don't be frightened and back away from that mouse... Give me a second to explain!  Risotto may be one of the easiest, cheapest and tastiest meals to make for one, two or twenty people.  Once you embrace a few simple rules of Risotto you will be fooling your friends and family into thinking you were trained by an Italian Master in no time!
  1. Always heat your liquid/broth and have it standing by.
  2. Toast your rice in butter & oil and don't be afraid to let it start to brown.  You want that entire natural nutty flavor to come out.DO deglaze that rice w/ a shot of red or white wine! Holy Flavor batman!!!
  3. Add your broth slowly and let it all soak in. This doesn't mean you are stirring constantly for 40 minutes but you want to pay attention to when it needs more liquid. 
  4. Keep cup of rice can easily triple in size after absorbing the liquid.  If you let the rice release its natural starch there will be no need for added cream (but feel free to add mountains of Parmesan Cheese!)
  5. Once you have those 4 simple steps mastered you can experiment with ingredients to mix in, different types of broth, or whatever you like.  Have fun with it!
Roasted Veggies - On their own or added to a meal these delicious sweet morsels of caramelized heaven will make you smile!  Take any combo of root veggies (sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets etc...), peppers, and broccoli whatever your heart desires!  Coat w/ a bit of oil, salt and black pepper and roast in a hot oven till tender.  I am not lying when I say that what you will have is a pan of sweet candy nuggets that will haunt you and cause intense cravings for years to come!

Weeknight Tomato sauce – So if you don’t have a freezer full of homemade sauce like any member of my family you are going to need a quick go-to sauce on a Tuesday after work. (Seriously, I would love to poll my extended family at this moment and see how many of us have sauce in the freezer right now!)
To get started, (if you are adding sausage/meat), brown this in your pan first and then set aside.  Secondly sauté an onion and garlic in a mix of oil and butter with a pinch of salt.  Feel free to add in any other veggies you have on hand (peppers or mushrooms).  Once these have softened its time for your liquid.  You can just add in cans of tomatoes (up to you whether or not you use pureed or diced) or add in a touch of wine (red or white) to deglaze the pan.  After adding in your liquid add your meat back into the pan and sprinkle with a bit of the following spices (1/4tsp to 1/2tsp ) Oregano, Basil, and Parsley.  Heat thru and add a touch of tomato paste to thicken.  That is it…. Now you are free to add in your favorite pasta or even over greens.  Enjoy!!!

Miso Soup (100s of varieties for this!)  If you take nothing else from this blog than my love for Miso Paste than I think I can call this site a success.  This yummy salty paste sold at most stores (especially WholePayCheck) and will stay good in your fridge for months.  You can add it to dressings, marinades and SOUP!  One spoonful of this stuff and you have instant soup. 
My common winter dinner for one includes Miso, Pea Sprouts, Wakame Seaweed (just think Miso soup from your favorite take out, trust me its amazing!) noodles, a few frozen shrimp and any other veggies I have on hand that I quickly chop thinly and add to the soup.  Within minutes I have a giant bowl of hot healthy tasty soup!  Go now and make it! (ok, well at least wait till you finish reading)

Beef Stew - This is a recipe I have put together from several cookbooks and my brain.  It will get its own post when the snow comes, but trust me when I say that this meal will be the star at any gathering or the perfect thing to have after a long day of shopping, shoveling, sledding or any other vigourous winter activity!

Greek Orzo Salad - This simple salad can be re-invented weekly to satisfy your cravings (anyone seeing a theme yet, you are in charge of your recipes! Have Fun!!).  My traditional go-to recipe involves cooked orzo, diced cucumbers, roasted red peppers, diced green peppers, red onion, kalamata olives, feta cheese, mint and parsley.  I then mix that together w/ a quick dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, S&P.  Feel free to add in spinach, chicken, shrimp or more veg..(tip: best to cool your pasta first or it will soak up all the dressing)

Turkey Burgers - infinite possibilities! Is there anything better than a juicy burger?  I think nay, but when I am at home I tend to stick with lean turkey meat and leave the greasy burgers to the professionals (we will get to my favorite burger joints another day).  For this recipe you can add in a simple mix of soy & Worcestershire sauce for a more traditional take on a burger.  Or get crazy and add in veggies and cheese (similar to the orzo salad).  Melted feta cheese in a burger is HEAVEN.  The roomie and I have also been experimenting with Indian & Moroccan spices in our burger, served w/ a cool yogurt sauce.

Rice & Beans - Anyone who knew me in my mid-20s when I first moved to Boston knew that at any given moment you could find rice, beans and a few onions and heads of garlic in my pantry.  To me Rice and Beans is comforting, delicious, nutrious and for a struggle young professional the perfect budget meal!  Canned beans are CHEAP!  I have said it before and will say it again!!

Now with a bit larger food budget this culinary favorite can be amp'ed up veggies, pulled pork or yummy guacamole

Spinach! - I know I said before that oatmeal had more uses than duct tape, but Spinach could be in the running for that title.  I eat spinach at breakfast in smoothies, eggs benny', in egg sandwiches; or at lunch in giant Salads & sandwiches or at dinner in quick soups, sauteed w/ a bit of oil and vinegar or in a casserole.  Spinach is a nutritious powerhouse that I eat usually 6 out of 7 days a week! 

The wonders of Rotisserie Chicken! We all know I love to cook, but sometimes I am tired or our apt is 100 degrees and the thought of turning on the oven is too much to bare.  For times like these a simple roasted chicken from your local grocer is your hero.  I tend to stick w/ the plain roasted to avoid extra sugars and salts from the store flavors.  I take home the best $6 spent that day and whip it up into several meals.  That night it might consist of a quick salad topped with chicken, or a mexican burrito wrap of 90sec rice, chicken, canned beans and salsa/guacamole. You can also add the chicken to any quick weeknight soup or shred it into an egg omelet.  If you truly want to get all your $$ worth, save the chicken carcass after you remove the meat and make a homemade stock with it (bring that and a bunch of root veggies (onion, celery, carrots and herbs) to a boil.  Strain and freeze and you have homemade stock for less than $10!

Ok, I think that is enough for everyone to take in for now.  I still have another 20 items on my list, (Mac N' Cheese, Fresh Salsa, Bean Salad, Pork Tenderloin, Sweet Potatoes!) but I am sure you all get the point..  I love food and I love to be creative with it.  If you take anything away from my ramblings is that cooking should be fun and enjoyable!  Don't be afraid of your kitchen or the ingredients in it.  Of course there will be epic failures (i avoided cilantro for almost a year once after a recipe experiment went wrong) but there are those times that you throw things in a pot and what comes out makes you speechless!  Enjoy those moments and remember to write down what you did!  How else will you be able to recreate it for others!

Monday, September 27, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

No,no, its not what you think .. you will find no posts about my love for raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles or warm woolen mittens.  This is a food blog after all.....

While catching up with my good friend A.M. over golf on Friday, I was asked the one question that I find the hardest to answer... "What is your favorite food/ recipe to make?"  How can I narrow down such a question?!  My food obsessed brain immediately breaks it down into categories: Country of origin, type of meal (breakfast, dinner or snack....), recipe for one or holiday pot-luck-go-to-favorite... so many options!!!

I thought instead of rambling endlessly to my friend who would have no choice but to think I had a mental break with my continuous rantings of whether or not I like KQ's lasagna better than Steak Florentina from Mimo in Firenze. I would share with you all here on SF some of my favorite things.  Please feel free to add in your the comment sections.  I hope you enjoy the list! (After a full day of looking at what I wanted to add, I have decided that this list is going to be split into several posts. There are just too many yummy things out there for me to list it all in one post, plus we haven't even broached the topic favorite places to eat out!).

Before we get started perhaps I should clarify that I LOVE reading cookbooks, food websites and watching hours upon hours of the Food Network & the Cooking Channel.  Due to that constant onslaught of food information my brain is always thinking about the next meal, how can I adapt it to meet my cravings and what I have onhand.  Here are a few things you should know about my cooking outlook and favorite ingredients:
    • I love preparing dinner... There is something so calming about chopping veggies after a long day.
    • I think you can (and should) start 90% of all meals with sauteed onions & garlic
    • I have on occasion reinvented leftovers into 3 separate meals in one week
    • Canned beans are your friend.. hot or cold, seasoned or straight up these tasty nuggets of protein & fiber are the perfect addition to many meals!
    • When in doubt make it into a soup
    • Slow cooking = good cooking
    • Brown rice will rock your world!
    • Sometimes in life you just have to go for the real FAT like butter, avocado and real cream...
    • Oatmeal may have more uses than Duct tape
    • Soup/Stew are ALWAYS better the second day
    • Sometimes tomato soup and grilled cheese IS the answer to all your problems
    • Baking terrifies me.. so much measuring.....
    • Sage brown butter sauce will change your outlook on pasta sauces
    • And no... you cannot have my grandmothers meatball or lemon cookie recipes! :)

  • Oatmeal - traditionally or mixed with a plethora of ingredients this breakfast power house is the super breakfast of choice for me.  I love to add in Nut butters, bananas, fruit, yogurt, fruit butters, grapenuts... you name it... if its in your pantry it will probably taste great in your oatmeal! 
  • Egg Sandwiches - In the time it takes you to wait in line at Starbucks or DD you could have already toasted a muffin, pan fried an egg and added any tasty veggies to it. Add a cup of java or tea and you have a perfect pairing of breakfast goodness.
  • Smoothies - I am still experimenting with different recipes but all you need for a filling a.m. drink to go is Fruit/Vegetable + Milk (Cow or Alternative) + Ice + Imagination.  I may have to do a separate post on the many combinations I make (some of which are very green and totally freak out my fab roomie!)
  • Egg Bake - This is my go-to brunch recipe.  I tend to grab all the ingredients you would add into an omelette add to a pan or muffin pan (perfect for indivdual portions) and bake until fluffy.  My fav ingredients are onions, peppers, shredded cheese, bacon (or soy sausage if you want to healthify your recipe and trick your meat eating family).  This can be eaten alone or served on biscuits.
  • French Toast -  This recipe has been perfected by my dad TQ and I am sorry to say I can not share the exact recipe with you.  I can say though, that this breakfast classic is perfect hot out of the pan or reheated the next morning (for those groggy mornings where all you have is 5 minutes).  Top with a nut butter of your choice for added protein and you are good to go in the a.m.
  • Apples - Not only does this tasty treat keep the doctor away but it can be the perfect partner to make a complete snack.  My favorite combo is Apples & Peanut Butter (or lately Justin's Honey Almond Butter), other combos that are tasty are with Goat Cheese, Mixed in Oatmeal (stayed tuned for a quick Apple Oatmeal Cruble ready in 5 mins!), or w/ turkey or ham.  The possibilities are endless
  • Yogurt & Granola- So many yogurts out there, so many types of goodies to mix in.  I love to have a contrast of smooth and crunchy w/ my yogurt.  My personal favorite is a plain yogurt mixed w/ Grapenuts and frozen fruit like cherries.  Perfect snack to pack for work, the fruit defrosts on during your day and is ready to eat when you stomach starts to grumble.
  • Riccota & Agave Nectar - Similar to yogurt, this usually savory cheese is a sweet perfection when mixed with Agave Nectar, fruit and a bit of granola. The thicker grainer texture reminds me of greek yogurt but not as smooth.
  • Turkey Sandwich - Who says you can only have a sandwich at lunch?  I am known to eat Turkey sandwiches big and small at all times of the day.  One slice of bread, some turkey, cheese & veggies makes for the perfect well balanced snack (perfect pre-workout meal!)
  • Flavored Popcorn - Another of my favorite treats that I refuse to think inside the box about.  Popcorn with the following toppings can make it the perfect snack anytime of day!  My personal favorites are Old Bay (thanks MB for the tip!), Cinnamon & Sugar, Butter & red pepper flakes, and my personal favorite is Sage, Butter & Parmsean Cheese! It is an Italian masterpiece in tiny air popped morsels!
  • Cheese & Veggies - Throw these in a sandwich bag w/ a side of hummus, bean dip or just as is and you have a healthy, crunchy snack that will satisfy the biggest chip craving.
  • Deconstructed Pizza - I was that girl in college who always had a fridge full of food. The two items that were always in stock you ask?  String Cheese & Grape Tomatoes.  I love to wrap the cheese around the tomato and sometimes even add a basil leaf.  The fresh flavors pop in your mouth and you get the pizza flavors without having to order in take out at the office.  Of course there is no replacement for a hot ooey gooey slice of pizza but when you are stuck in a cube farm, this mess free snack is a good replacement.
Ok my friends, this is the begining of a list that I foresee becoming a living/growing entitiy on this site.  Feel free to add in your own comments or ask me questions about my insane cravings & concoctions!  I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eating Local .....week 1

Hey everyone,

In my last post I told you all how I was going to commit to learning more about local food producers and buying more sustainable produce for my culinary adventures.  I did make it to the Harvest Coop on Sunday and also have been doing some online research.  What I quickly found out was that Boston and the Greater Boston area has many local producers of beef, fish, cheese and produce.  There is my weekly favorite lunch spot Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton Ma which specializes in heritage livestock and organic farming for the local community.  It is well worth the visit to their Farm Stand to learn more about them, their CSA, pork/beef shares and Grocery Coop programs. (note they are closed on Mondays).

Another find this week was the website Eating  This site allows you to enter in your zip code and it produces a list of restuarants, bakeries, caters, farms, CSAs, and grocers that focus on local and sustainable goods.  When I entered my zip for Boston, it created a packet that was aprox. 96 pages!  Almost a hundred local sources for me to check out over the coming months!  This is one excited Foodie (especially with it being harvest season!!!).  I am hoping to try one to two new places each week and share my adventures with you all.  My first visit is going to be to Milk & Honey in Salem, MA.  This market that recently opened in Salem has a similar objective as Green Meadows Farm but instead of being a single source farm, the store goes out to producers in MA, ME, VT and NH for high quality, local and sustainable goods.  I am over the moon excited to head there and see what yummy treats I can discover!

As for this week, I made a dinner that was part local/part supermarket (remember..we said baby steps!). I picked up some local delicious zucchini, leeks, spinach and mushrooms and decide to once again break out a one pot wonder meal (technically 2, I had to boil the pasta... details shmetails.....) Not sure what to call this dish, but I guess it is weeknight vegetable sauce w/ beef tips.

*Note, 99% of all my recipes are taken from online ideas that I then adapt to suit my cravings and what is in my fridge/pantry.  Feel free to take your own culinary liberties and adjust the recipes to suit your tastebuds.

I started out by searing aprox 1 pound of stew beef tips in 1Tbsp of Coconut Oil and then set them aside.
Into the pan with the oil I added in 1/2 of a Sweet Onion and one minced leek. I also added a spinkling' of S&P and Garlic Powder.  Once those began to soften (onion becomes translucent) I added in one diced Portobello Mushroom (shh.. don't tell the roommate she ate a mushroom, haha)
To help get all the good bits off the bottom of the pan I hit the veggies w/ aprox 2 Tbs of White Wine.  From there I added in a small container of homemade sauce I had defrosted and 1 can of tomato puree. One of my favorite brands are:
Such a full tomato flavor!

I added the beef back to the pot and let this simmer away for aprox 20 minutes to heat through and finish cooking the beef.  When everything was nice and hot I roughly chopped about 3 cups of spinach and boiled some pasta.  While the pasta was boiling I added the spinach to the sauce and just let it wilt into the sauce until it was fully incorporated.
Some much spinach... don't worry it will fit, I promise!
bubble bubble...
And that is it my foodie friends!  Within 35 minutes I had a massive pot of chunky delicious and yummy late summer sauce to go on top of my pasta.  There was just one thing missing.... remember in my last post when I said there are some things worth shipping across the world for?!  This is one of those perfect creations that is worth the carbon footprint!  Behold the salty wonder that is......
A quick update... since it is clear that my one pot dinners are enough for 6 people and not 2 roommates. I clearly had leftovers for the week!  Instead of making more pasta for this tasty "stew like sauce" for round two last night, this girl gently wilted 2 cups of spinach w/ olive oil and salt and smothered it with the beef sauce.  I was a little nervous about this but honestly I did not miss the pasta at all!  It was just what I was craving!

One is something that you love to whip up to curb a craving come dinner time?

Tomorrow this Sailing Foodie is off to Golf with her alumni buddies + a wedding this weekend!  Looking forward to sharing these adventures.

Have a great day blog world!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A new season brings new challenges....

As a kid I always loved the start of the new school year. It was the perfect chance to re-invent your style, new course topics to explore and reuniting with friends after a summer apart (I always spent my summers away so I didn't really see classmates June-Aug).

Even now as an adult, I still get the urge to start fresh every September. Whether it is the little changes like switching the closet from summer to fall clothes or bigger life challenges that you create for yourself I always get the urge to reinvent.  This year I am going for the lifestyle challenge and thought I would share it w/ you all. Plus once I throw out there to the world, I have to follow up on it!

Over the past 4 months I have explored various blogs about men and women who are making the conscious effort to eat simple, healthy and local food.  Sounds simple right? But lets think about it, shall we.... That is all fine and dandy in August or September when the harvest is bountiful and every farm stand from here to NY is open. But what's a girl to do when come January when my dear city of Boston is covered in a layer of icey brown snow and there isn't a fresh local tomato to be found?!

So my blog world friends, this Sailing Foodie is on a mission this fall season to get out there and educate herself on local food sources that are year round.  Where are the local butchers, cheese makers, farmers w/ winter veggies?  I am not exactly sure how I am going to go about this but here are a few questions rolling around in my brain:
  1. Who are my local food producers?
  2. Where/who distributes these ingredients?
  3. How will I need to adapt my day to day diet to "eat local"?
  4. What can I do at home to make my fall/winter diet more colorful (ie: winter indoor garden, canning etc..)
  5. How much more $$ am I willing to pay for local and organic goods?
  6. How local is local?
  7. Do I give up my love affair with Trader Joe's and things like Parmigiano Reggiano for the sake of a sustainability?!
I don't think I am ready to go cold turkey and give up TJs or the occasional imported treat nor do I think drastic life changes like that are good for anyone. However, I do want to be more educated about where my dinner came from. 

So where is an uneducated foodie to start you ask?  Well yesterday while on one of my infamous city walks (we will get into those 15 mile walks another day!) I decide that I was going to check out the Harvest Coop in Cambridge, MA on Mass Ave.  This market which is right off the red line Central Square stop was the perfect choice!  The market is a member-owned natural food store who's mantra is "Bringing good food to good people".  The coop not only gives dividends back to its members but also supports local producers and educates its community.  Harvest Coop also has a second location in JP as well.

During yesterday's adventure I shopped for a few items (had to tote them all back on the T, and well.. I am no sherpa... Mental note to look into push cart for this old lady!).  I purchased Cortland Apples from Western Ma, peppers from the North Shore and a few prepared items created by the workers at Harvest.  As I perused I noted that they had a large variety of bulk spices, grains, granola and flours for sale by the lb and Wine/Beer section! I don't know about you, but anytime this girl can get local cheese, wine, beef and the spices to go with it at one location, she is a happy girl!

OK, OK... enough rambling for now.. so the point of this long random blog post?  I am setting out on mission to better educate myself on what I eat, where it comes from and what its impact on my community in it.  What do I hope to get out of it and whats next?

  1. A healthier me (i mean really, who would love to drop a pant size or have super shiny hair!)
  2. Creating a better understanding of my community of food producers surrounding me
  3. Research local producers of the following:
    1. Meat/Chicken/Fish
    2. Cheese
    3. Produce (year round)
    4. Grains, spices etc...
  4. Look into a meal plan that is focused around seasons and not just the newest trend on the Cooking Channel.
So, what do you think?  Am I crazy for attempting this or do you also feel inspired to slowly learn more and adapt your eating habits with me?!  Do you have any tips on where and who I should be talking too?

Would love to hear everyone's feedback!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bruins, Blood & Beer

Strange title you say... well yes and before you ask, no I did not get into a bar fight on my 30th bday!  (plus if I ever did, I would have to have my big sis AQ there with me! long story for another day...)  The title refers to the Bruin's 2010 Rookie Game which kicked off the preseason at the Gahhden'

I can say that I am casual hockey fan and have seen my fair share of fights at high school, college and minor league games over the years. But NEVER have I seen so many fights in one game than I did last night!   According to my sidekick for the evening & guest blogger aka "assistant captain" for Stanley Cup of Chowder Blog these Rookies are all fighting for spots on the roster and trying to get themselves noticed by the coaches.   I could barely keep the camera clicking fast enough, every time I put down the camera another Bash Brother's style beating disagreement on the ice was occurring. 

And now for the blood... this player was elbowed and dropped to the ice.  Before 11,000 Bs fans could stop yelling at him to get up, his face opened up and gave the look of every cheesy B rated horror you have ever seen... A+ to this kid for staying conscious and not crying like me a little girl who lost her puppy!
Player is 2nd from your left, being held up by teammates....
That stain is AFTER they scraped the ice!
Let's just say that this girl is very happy she ate her semi-edible stadium pizza before all this fighting! There are no pictures of that to share, one because I was STARVING and there was no way my stomach was going to let me snap pictures of food when I could be eating. Secondly, it was not the most photogenic pizza and I am pretty sure you would rather see blood stains than evidence of a sub-par pie so close to the North End.

I did however manage to subdue my stomach long enough with the pizza to capture one of the many reasons I welcome fall every year! (Besides the end of frizzy hair, apple picking, fall TV lineup and back to school shopping... yeah, yeah I know I am 30 but you all know you love back to school shopping at any age! No judging!!)

Without further adieu please welcome to Sailing Foodie the wonder that is...... (please do your own drumroll ...)

So spicy, refreshing and crisp!  Nothing welcomes in fall and your 30s better than that my friends!

Overall I could not have asked for a better way to ring in 30! Good ole' American sporting event, cold beer and watching a bunch of jacked up kids fight their way to glory! 

Today I am off to visit a ship for work.  Finally you all will be able to see the Sailing side of this sailing foodie!

What is your favorite sporting event?

What one thing to you kicks off fall?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dirty 30 & Sweet Potato Hash!

Hello all... I have been away so long!  I am still working on my post from my glorious vacation. But thanks to a broken camera, board meetings at work and general life craziness I have been putting off blogging.  Well today I am coming back!

See today is my 30th bday!  Yup, you would have thunk with a face like that :)  I thought the perfect way to some up a my feelings for today and this weekend  is by showing you all the hilarious card my roomie Chuck (not her real name, haha) got me....
Some occasions just call for fancy!
That's right! What better time to get all dolled' up than your birthday!  I may not be in a party dress today at work (can you picture that!) but I did give myself a fun manicure and made sure to brush & straighten the fro' today.

This evening I will be celebrating 30 years of being a girly tomboy by welcoming the 2010/11 season of the Bruin's! Our favorite manly men will be taking on the New York Rangers in their first preseason match-up.

It is a well known fact that I love all things Mighty Ducks (hello.. bash brothers, Charlie and the flying V!) but admittly my knowledge of current actual players is limited.  Lets hope seeing the new up and comers tonight will give me a bit more street cred' in my Canadian Hockey Obsessed workplace :)

Alright and now for the most cozy delicious comfort breakfast for dinner recipe...  Sweet Potato Hash!  Yesterday I had the biggest craving for a yummy sweet potato but no idea how to prep it.  After many google searches and scans of my cookbooks I came up with an experiment of Sweet Potato Hash with Yokey Egg. (who doesn't love breakfast for dinner, don't lie! you know you love pancakes and bacon at 7pm!!)

As I searched the fridge and pantry I decided on the following ingredients for what was to become breakfast bliss!

1/2 Large Onion
1 Leek
1 Green Pepper
Goat Cheese
Sweet Potato (duh!)
Corriander & Garlic Powder
Worcestershire Sauce

I sauteed the onion, pepper, leek in butter until soft and then added the diced sweet potato.  As that cooked I doused it in spices, worcestershire sauce and a bit of white wine to help cook the potatoes (you could use a dash of water or broth) helps get the bits off the pan.
mmm... more One Pot Wonder Goodness!
While that was cooking down and getting crispy I fried up 2 eggs sunny side up. Let it be known that I am the most impatient person EVER when it comes to frying eggs..  I never not break the yolk or I heat the pan to high and end up with a black egg from all the burnt PAM on the pan.  However this evening I fought every natural urge to turn up the heat, poke at it, flip it to early or stare at evily to cook faster.. Instead I grabbed the camera for a few action shots!

low and slow...
almost ready.. put down the spatula lady!

The result you ask.... (besides learning that yes.. patience is a virtue) was a perfectly cooked egg that was still a bit runny and a glorious yellow yolky center!  I plated my hash, crumbled some yummy goat cheese over it and then GENTLY placed my perfect egg over the hash.  The final outcome was a delicious combination of salty, sweet and perfectly gooey for a brisk fall night!
nom nomm nommm!!!!
This was definitely a dinner experiment SUCCESS that I will be making again in the future.

Ok dear friends,  off to finish off the day and prepare to cheer on the B's! I will be sure to take plenty of pics and not wait another 3 weeks to fill you all in.

Have a great day!