Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yellow Dog for dinner

Relax, relax I did not go Andrew Zimmer on you all and eat dog for dinner!! On my final night here in FL our gang went to the Yellow Dog Cafe for an amazing meal on the River.  Since this gang was new to me being a blogger (and lets be honest, I am too ) I felt bad taking a photo of every moment of the meal (although I was DYING too!!)  I did manage to capture a few shots of this delicious and tasty dining experience.

For an appetizer the table shared a baked Brie with the most delicious cranberry-cherry sauce (I may have to try and recreate this!!)  (Baked Brie Wrapped in a puff pastry and served over a cranberry-cherry sauce with fresh fruit and our handmade crackers )

nom nomm nomm!!

Wild Cherry Bread Pudding!!!!! This was sooooo good (notice the yellow dog cookie)

Berry Peach Cobbler (this was gooey and crunchy all at the same time)

Chocolate Cake in the shape of a dog bone

Even Santa stops here after a long trip 'round the world!
 The Yellow dog was the perfect place to end a wonderful vacation with great family friends!  I cannot begin to thank this family enough for making me feel so welcomed this past week.  This morning we did our final walk on the beach and I am now packed up and ready to leave :(  Thankfully I have many pictures and memories to take with me.
Thank you Hall family!!!!!