Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sea Cow!!!!!!

So as you all know I am in FL escaping the winter season for a brief moment in time.  The weather here is not your typical FL weather but there is one major upside for having 30 degree weather for this Sailing Foodie....

Sea Cow!!!!!
With the record low temps in FL the local manatee population has come into shallow rivers where the water is warmer.  This group of giant pre-historic beauties were sunbathing at a local park that had a small river causeway running through it.  The local officials had blocked off the water so you couldn't feed or pet them (and I am not going to lie, I did contemplate how much the fine would be and how long it would take local officials before they could physically remove me from hugging the giant cuddly creatures!!!)
Here is the scene of my happy day!!! 

Look at these guys snuggling n' sunbathing!

They came up for air every few moments (usually on the back of a friend)

Look at those tiny flippers!

That splashing is from one large guy who kept flipping on his back

I guess I wasn't the first to think about snuggling with these lovable sea cows!
I can't even begin to tell you all how unexpected and exciting this was for me!  I grew up wanting to be a Marine Biologist and have always had a love for these gentle and beautiful vegetarians of the sea!!

My hosts were pretty amused by a 30 something grown woman giggling like a 5 year old at the site of these creatures.

Well the weather has finally warmed up today and I was able to spend some time by the pool and take another 4 mile barefoot walk on the beach! What a good leg workout!!

This evening we are off for a final dinner on the water.  I will try and take some pictures but I don't want to interrupt the dinner with my crazy play by play photos (can you believe most people don't  take pictures of everything they eat!  ha!!)

Hope you are all having an amazing holiday week!

Any big plans for NYE?