Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy NYE 2011

Happy New Years Eve fellow foodies!!
I will be ringing in the new year at the Russell House Tavern with the always fabulous Bianca from Confessions of a Chocoholic!

The blog world is a flutter this week with Resolutions, goals and projects for 2011.  Since I am working on not using the word perfect   I don't really want to force myself into trying to live up to a list all year long.

That being said there are some things I want to do more of this year and I thought I would share it with you all.  If I complete them, then GRAND!  If not, well thats OK too... I am not perfect and don't think anyone is going to think less of me if I don't complete this list.

  • Bikram & Hot Yoga - I LOVE hot yoga but too often I let the work day or DVR win out over taking time for classes.  I feel so much more at peace when I sweat out a day of stress in a class and would love to make this time a priority in my schedule in 2011

  • Making a Budget - I am a sucker for the impulse buy.  Whether its a treat at the market or snagging a deal of the day off of Amazon I am in!  I would love to focus 2011 more on friendships, family and non-materialistic areas in my life to fulfill this craving for instant gratification. I am hoping a visual budget will help me work towards an attainable savings/spending routine. 

  • Theology - Not that a budget should make everyones' brains go right to thinking about "what it all means" but for this geek it does.  I have been lucky enough to be surrounded in my life by people with many diverse ideals who helped developed my belief in something greater out there.  Also, the more I travel the more I have questioned what I believe and how this plays a part in who I am day to day.  I would love to spend some QT in 2011 learning more about these various beliefs, theologies and teachings.  I am not sure what I want out of this particular item but I would at least like to be better informed on these teachings.  Plus, I can't imagine that more reading can possibly be a bad thing no matter how much or how little I get too!

  • Complete a Half Marathon - You may remember that I ran (but not so much trained for) the Devil's Race this past October.  I had such a blast on that run which was close to 7 miles.  At the end of that day I felt great and figured that if I could run almost a 1/3 of a marathon than I could most likely run a 1/2 marathon.  I don't really have any desire to run a full marathon (and lets be honest, I don't have the time to train for one).  I do however love running and the energy it gives me.  Like I said with Yoga, I love it but have let the little things in life come before my workout routines in 2010.  I want and need to make a conscious effort in 2011 to put myself first (mentally & physically).  Running was a great stress reliever in college and I think having this as a running goal in 2011 will be a big help as well!

  • Personal Travel- My final goal is hopefully an indirect benefit from keeping on track with a budget.  I am always traveling for work but I very rarely take personal time for myself.  I am lucky to have friends that live all over the world (benefit from going to a Maritime college) but I never get out to see them.  My hope is that all the $$ I save from not buying that new pair of shoes I can use to visit friends and explore new places around the globe on my time.

So that is my list... what do each of these items have in common you ask?  Well they are all about me!  I know, wicked selfish you say but I have a reason.  I have come to realize over 2010 that I will put my own life in shambles to help others.  Now why that isn't always a bad thing and I will still do what I can for family and close friends, I need to do what is good for me.  Nobody else will and I refuse to sit here typing 12 months from now and think back on all the things I could have done instead of all the things I did do.

I am so excited for this upcoming year, the many adventures I will experience and I hope you all enjoy reading about them!!

What adventures or goals are you looking forward to in 2011?

Happy New Year everyone!!!