Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I have to say that this year as been much easier than years past to get into the holiday spirit.  With baking adventures and cocktail parties at the apartment I quickly caught the Holiday bug. Along with all that, I have so much to be thankful for! An upcoming year filled with adventures for my personal & professional life which I cannot wait to share with you all!!!

However, all of that is just a sampling of Christmas cheer in my life, that is, until I came home on Monday!  Mama Foodie LOVES all holidays (especially Halloween.) She not only shows it thru her cooking but also  in how she decorates!!!  My mom has seemed to do the impossible as an adult and capture the true innocence of the holidays from when we were small all the way into the present day.  From tracking Santa online with my niece & nephew to baking Christmas goodies.  She always finds the simple joys of why we wait all year for this season.

I thought since you can't all come here for Christmas I would share with you all some of my favorite decorations Mama Foodie puts up (with the grumbling help of Papa Foodie, but we know he secretly loves it!!!)  I cannot wait to celebrate with my family this weekend and hope you all get to celebrate with loved ones as well!!!
Frosty the Snowman

Perhaps every year of Hallmarks Musical plush toys

A close up shows that even the Peanuts' Gang get into the Holiday spirit

Perhaps my favorite.. Simon Pierce Ice Cubes (made from glass!)

A Polar Express fireplace (yes that is a 4ft King Kong Poster!!, she is a movie buff!)

Holiday Buffet table is set up and pictures are wrapped and covered with Xmas Past family photos

Photo collage close-up

Ok, so I wasn't always into the Holiday Season....

Even the wine bottles get into the holiday spirit

No caption is needed! You should know what this is!!!!

Not the Golden Ticket I usually think of (aka Willy Wonka) but tis the season!!

How do you hand out your cutlery at a holiday party?! What?! you don't have a tree?

A Dr. Seus Christmas Tree!!! (Perhaps my favorite thing EVER!!
What is your favorite part of the Holiday Season?  What traditions do you carry on or have created recently to share with loved ones in years to come?

Ok, this vacationing foodie is off to enjoy a Blue Moon Grand Cru and start wrapping gifts!