Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogger Block?!

Hello my blog world friends,

It has been many moons since my last post.  This is mainly because I have been swamped at work and the utter lameness of my social life lately has not left much to write about. I didn't think it would be that hard, but can't imagine you all want to hear about Safety stats, year end reports and another bowl of oatmeal that I ate....

Good news is that next week I start a 2 week vacation that will include an Apartment Friend Holiday Party, a trip home for the holidays and then off to FL for some post holiday sun & fun! I am positive there will be many pictures and stories of cooking with Mama Foodie, Large Italian Holiday Gatherings and adventures of a pasty white girl in sunny FL! (always find it funny the way FL natives stare at us northerners in December.  Yes 60-70 degrees is cold for you, but to a New Englander that is damn near August temperatures!)

For those of you who are just dying to know what a foodie eats when pressed for time, energy and no real desire to cook I did snap a few BB pics from my phone... enjoy the world of quick one bowl meals
10 minute brown fried rice with peppers, onions peas & spinach

Bad picture but Greatest Pulled Pork Sandwich on the North Shore (The Farm Downtown)

Chicken Tikka Masala (canned Masala sauce)

Beluga Lentil, Chickpea junk salad (make once, eat ALL week)
So whats the point of this post?! 

None really except to let you know that yes I am alive and well.  I am finding some time to get in the kitchen even if it is without my camera.  Also, this weekend the roommate and I are going 1950s style and holiday baking (aprons and all!) to prepare for the crazy holiday madness to come!  Be prepared for pictures covered in a cloud of flour (we all know my fear of baking!)

Hope everyone is surviving the beginning of the holiday season and taking a few moments for you!