Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baking Challange Accepted and ROCKED!

So remember when I shared my fear of baking (yes this is a safe place.... I share and you don't judge :).  Well with the support of my fantastic roommate and a picture of my two baking idols (Grama Foodie & Great Aunt Foodie) I pushed aside my fear, grabbed my Kitchen Aid Mixer and got to cooking!

After a week of perusing family cookbooks and the many many foodie sites I stalk  read daily. I finally decided to stick with what I grew up with:
  • Swedish Gossamer Spice Cookies
  • Reese's Peanut Butter n' Chocolate Bars
  • Italian Lemon Wedding Cookies
Saturday was our day to cook!  After a lovely breakfast sandwich of egg, spinach and goat cheese with lots and lots of hot java goodness the roommate and I set off to the market to stock up on baking goodies.  Our successful trip took us thru our local market and even to a chocolate shop, Phillips Candy House in Dorchester MA (lets just say that free chocolate samples & hot cocoa is just what this foodie needed to jump start a day of cooking!!)

Since we were both cooking we decided to see which recipes needed more lead time (resting dough etc...) and split the oven/mixer time as needed.
Pensively thinking about what to cook..

Much needed sandwich before we begin....

One more thing was needed to conjure up the courage to accurately measure, use motorized kitchen tools and try to not burn myself......
no not the fantastic apron (thank you Heidi!) Wine!!
A little wine always makes cooking in a tiny apartment that much more fun!  So while roomie was mixing away in the kitchen I turned our dining room into an extended kitchen and took off cooking.  Here is a highlight montage of my adventures in baking :)

Is there anything better than a waterfall of chocolate?  I say nay sir...

mmmmm  chocolate & PB!!!

Spice cookie dough

Intermission = dish time in the Sailing Foodie world

You didn't expect me to have a cookie cutter did you?

8 cups of flour turned into delicious lemony dough!

Yes, a pizza pan makes a perfect cookie sheet (remember NO judging!)

mmmm....reminds me of the Alice in Wonderland cakes "Eat Me"

Still smiling after 1hour of cookie frosting

Had to restrain my roommate and I from eating them all!

Sooooo... what did I learn from this two day culinary adventure?  Many things!
  • I can use a mixer w/out losing an appendage
  • Measuring ingredients has its benefits
  • Confectionery sugar icing may be the greatest thing I have ever made and I would like to pour it on EVERYTHING
  • Baking is very relaxing (and no that wasn't the wine...)
  • Our apt would bake a lot more if we had more counter space and a dish washer
All joking aside, I really enjoyed this challenge and will be happy to share the recipes for anyone that wants more details....

What culinary adventures have you experienced this holiday season?

Stay tuned to the next post on Holiday Traditions (wonderful twitter recommendation by my roomie!)