Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

Ok Ok, so yes its been over a week since my last post and I have yet to update you all on my Halloween weekend..and perhaps I may or may not be sitting in an Odessa Hotel right now in the Ukraine ridicuously exhausted after my day and half of flying, drinking a cold Heineken in bed while  trying to learn Russian thru bad TV... However, I think this is the only time I will have for a few days... 

So where to begin (at the beginning I guess) lets talk HALLOWEEN!
Meet Betty Draper (Mad Men), Glee Member Rachel and Crazy Paddy from "It's Always Sunny"

Larry "Bird" get it? haha!

 We all know by now that Halloween is my favorite holiday! It is such a great weekend to see how creative and imaginative people become when presented with the opportunity to reinvent themselves for one night (or 2 if you are like me).  Friday I went to a friend/family party that is by far the #1 Halloween Party of all time in my books!  The Whalen clan knows how to welcome in Halloween in style!!  Saturday night I went out to Kinsale Pub for a Birthday/Halloween bash co-hosted by friend Katy.  The costumes at this party ranged from Soccer Moms, the Chipmunks, The old guy from UP and even a few classical pieces of art!  True imagination at its best!!  Sadly with near 7 mile run just hours away I had to cut my favorite night out short to get some rest.  6am was coming very quickly and this Sailing Foodie had a run to prep for!

At 0600 a very groggy runner awoke and made some delicious pumpkin oatmeal and 1 cup of java to get me going!  No amount of water can replace the magical powers Java has over me!  I met up with 3 insane friends (did I mention we all failed on our daily run training plan, but where there sneaks laced anyways!)

We arrived at Salem Willows to Hundreds of runners all decked out in their best ommage to the Devil (or Halloween in general).  At about 8:20 four nervous runners started off on a 6.66 mile adventure through Salem!  It was amazing!!!  The boys took off in front of us but Rebecca and I were content to complete this race by making the term "slow and steady" are best friend!  We averaged aprox 11-12 minutes per mile which with hills, water stops and bottle neck areas of runners is totally satisfying to me for it being my first 10k+ race!

As you can see we were able to see all that Salem had to offer!  I ended up with a final time of 1h21minutes.  Again, totally happy with my time and just elated to say that I finished the race and can improve on my time from here!

A few lessons learned...

  • My hip pack is perfect for running not just walking
  • Running with a partner keeps you paced, happy and motivated! Thanks Rebecca!!
  • Water, water and more water
  • Its official, I have run my beloved Saucony sneaks into the ground.. need to buy a new pair
  • WATER!  by 8pm that night you would have thought I had been binge drinking for the whole weekend.  After a large dose of OJ and a home cooked meal thanks to my roomie! I was on the mends.
  • I am addicted to road races and impulsive ideas brought on by CO!  Next race...Sommerville Jingle Bell Run in December!  Who is running with me?!
Again, sorry for the delay in this post.  The prep work leading up to my big trip here in Odessa was more than I plan for. But nobody is perfect right? Stay tuned for Odessa Trip Part 1 which will include packing tips and crossing off one major item from my bucket list...Attending an Opera at the Famed Odessa Opera House!!! 

Have a great day! Its almost midnight here and I have to get some shut eye before a full day tomorrow!