Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe Inspiration?!

Next week I will be heading north to Vermont for a family get-away Thanksgiving style. Since we will all be away from our kitchens everyone is bringing something.  While mama foodie will handle the majority of the dinner I always like to bring some sides and also goodies for breakfasts and meals before and after Turkey day. 

That is where you all come in...What is your go-to recipe for Thanksgiving?  We will have a full kitchen and access to shops as well.  I am having a foodie block on what yummy/healthy dishes to bring along.  I did find a great Braised Kale & Bacon recipe online but that's about it.  I was thinking perhaps a soup or Casserole for a Friday lunch and something light for Thursdays breakfast.....

HELP!!  any suggestions/links/family favorites would be a lifesaver!!