Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pittsburgh - Football, Bacon and Art?!

After a long week of conferences and networking across the pond this foodie took off to the Steel City to visit old friends, watch football and apparently eat my way through Pittsburgh!  Who knew!?!

I landed in the Steel City for my 1st visit on Friday evening after basically 3 hours of sleep, unpacking one suitcase, repacking another and heading right back to the airport.  Why all the fuss you ask?  My beloved football team the Patriot's were playing the Pittsburgh Steeler's on Sunday and some great family friends with season tickets invited me to join them!  I have known this family since we were kids on MV and couldn't have been happier at the thought of 3 days worth of laughing, heckling (football is a mean game people!), playing tourist and eating my way through this city with them.

And we wasted no time!  I landed around 7ish and by 830 I was at the famous Primanti Brothers sandwich shop.

This photo does not do justice to the gianormous beast that was presented to me!  I ordered the Primanti Pitts-burgher cheese steak special with a fried egg!  This tribute to all things fatty is served on wax paper, spilling over with fries and vinegar based coleslaw stuffed between 2 slices of yummy french bread. Meanwhile my host was showing off by taking down his sandwich with one hand!  SHOW OFF!!  Pretty sure I left there after that sandwich and Iron City Brew one step closer to diabetes and bypass surgery.... it was EPIC!

Thankfully our next stop was to the Warhol museum for their Marilyn Monroe exhibit!  7 floors of wacky POP art was just what the cardiologist called for.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the museum but trust me that this place was GREAT!  Tons of original art and memento's of Warhol's life.  

Saturday was a fun filled day of sightseeing in Pittsburgh.  Our guide took us to the Strip for Brunch and a tour of some of the yummiest food vendors EVER.  We also went on a ducktour!  How fun!!  Here is a little photo recap of the day....
mmmmm  BACON Maple Donuts!!

a wall devoted to cheese!  I may or may not have shed a tear of joy....

5 gallon buckets of Olives?  Yes please!

no words needed....

but perhaps an insulin shot is needed or a stalk of broccoli!

they take sports very seriously here!



Oh my... Very steep Incline Belt (i will pass...)

One Bridge, Two many bridges!

smile tour guide!

Steel City from one of its 3 rivers!

who doesn't love Ketchup?!
After a jammed packed Saturday we were all ready for the main event on Sunday..... FOOTBALL!!!

My home team was coming off a crushing defeat from Cleveland the week before and had a lot to prove.  The Steeler's are a great team but sadly for their fans where no match for the likes of Tom Brady and crew!  Now while I will admit there was some heckling by the local fans when seeing my in my Pat's gear overall the fans in Steeler's Country are great!  Even better was the bound whenever Pat's fans saw each other.  I even had this little kid come up to me before the game to high 5 me!  How cute!!
From tailgating to the end of the game we had an amazing time!  Food, beer, cigars and football... what more could a girl ask for?
See... Pat's & Steeler's fans can be friends

Classy bunch!

So close! Thankfully they held me back so I could rush the field!

awww... we have a sad steeler's fan everyone.....

there's a smile... come on its not that bad. The power of Brady and his long locks are too strong to defeat!
Thank you to the Hall family for being such amazing hosts!  I have discovered a new city and some great friends in the process!  Can't wait to host you all in NE for a Pat's game next year!!

Now I am off to find a salad and lots and lots of veggies!  DETOX is needed!