Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decisions, decisions...

Tomorrow I am off to get this wild mane on my head tamed by the fabulous miracle worker Anthony at the Marc Harris Salon.  The big question is what color?!  I am totally in love with my bob style cut that I have now.and don't think goign back to long hair is in the cards for me. 

But color, that is a whole other game... Throughout my hair dying years (from age 15 on....) I have been almost every color you can think of...  Red, Blond, REALLY Blond, dark brown, highlights lowlights... you get the idea.  As you all can see now I am a darker blond but kind of thinking of going dark.... what do you think?  Would love the input!

Below are some styles & colors I have had over the past 5 years.  As you can see nothing is really out of the question.  Sadly my photos of dark brown and red days are still actual photos that I have yet to scan (yes kids, people use to actually print photos!  go figure!)

Friday, November 26, 2010


You read correctly!!  A motha f'n zebra in vermont!!!!!!

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures, but honestly its tough to capture the moment when your mind is simultaneousness-ly trying to fathom WHY a zebra is walking down a back road in Vermont!  Come to find out the owners are locals in the next town over and they were just taking him for a walk...  nothing odd about that....  this entire experience has scrambled my brain!

I was originally going to post about the quaint town of Woodstock and what a delightful day I had with the family but now all I can think about is a ZEBRA IN VT!!!!  so for now I will share a photo montage of the day... once i compose my thoughts and actually can put together a rational post I will delve deeper into a near perfect  sublime day!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let the food coma begin...

Its thanksgiving night and my sister just seriously past around the table a bottle of baby aspirin! That is right friends, after a good 45 minute streak of inhaling potatoes, turkey, stuffing and enough gravy to float a boat in.  The Foodie family is in near comatose state!  It is worth it though...what could be more American than cooking for weeks just to sit down and inhale your hard labor in a matter of moments.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  Cuddling in the morning with my niece and nephew, a car ride in search of eggnog (accomplished - delicious & local!!), football (yes my dear Patriots had a slow start but brought home the win) and then a fantastic meal with family!!!  We are now sitting in the living room watching Dallas get humiliated by New Orleans, drinking wine and working up the strength for dessert! Homemade Apple pie by mama foodie and a pumpkin pie bought by me from Community Servings (one pie pays for feeding a local family in need).  

Since I am still in a food coma I thought I would just give you a run-down of a perfect Thanksgiving Day in VT.....

Good morning Papa!

View from my room!

pillows = indoor running challenge!

Dinner is served!

Wild turkeys attacking Papa foodie!

My plate.....

my sisters plate.... (we differ a bit in food taste! haha)

Ching, Ching!!!

I did save room for salad

I am so thankful and lucky to have the chance to spend time with my family.  I hope you all are having as great a day as I am!  Tomorrow the family is off to Woodstock, VT to do some shopping and try out the local cuisine :)

How do you spend your post turkey day?

Happy Thanksgiving and GO PATS!

Thanksgiving Getaway!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Todays post comes straight from Vermont!  The Foodie family has escaped Massachusetts for the crisp mountain air of Vermont.  Over the next few days we will eat, drink and sightsee our way through Vermont!  Places to see include Quichee Gorge, King Arthur Flour, Simon Pierce Glass and the Harpoon Brewery.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a few days away from work than with my family.  Today we are staying at the condo and having Thanksgiving meal after our beloved Patriots play.

On the menu includes Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, homemade cranberry sauce and PIE! Can't wait to capture photos of it all and share it with everyone.

How do you spend your thanksgiving? What is your favorite holiday dish? (Mine is stuffing with gravy!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you are enjoying the day with loved ones!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recipe Inspiration?!

Next week I will be heading north to Vermont for a family get-away Thanksgiving style. Since we will all be away from our kitchens everyone is bringing something.  While mama foodie will handle the majority of the dinner I always like to bring some sides and also goodies for breakfasts and meals before and after Turkey day. 

That is where you all come in...What is your go-to recipe for Thanksgiving?  We will have a full kitchen and access to shops as well.  I am having a foodie block on what yummy/healthy dishes to bring along.  I did find a great Braised Kale & Bacon recipe online but that's about it.  I was thinking perhaps a soup or Casserole for a Friday lunch and something light for Thursdays breakfast.....

HELP!!  any suggestions/links/family favorites would be a lifesaver!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loves and Loathe of Traveling

Finally back at home after a whirlwind trip that took me across the Atlantic, back again and to the rolling hills & rivers of Pittsburgh!  A large part of my job puts me on the go during the year and I foolishly try to combine work and personal trips all in one to maximize my time away.  Sometimes I feel like George Clooney in the airport w/ my slip on shoes, laptop out and travel size toiletry kit ready for inspection standing behind the adorable retired couple who have their luggage all over the place....(deep breaths on days like that!)

You can usually find me in an airport with  iPod on full blast sipping airborne grapefruit water and noshing on a Kashi granola bar and reading whatever "fun" book my knowledgeable roommate has loaned me (anything to not read Naval Architecture Digest again!).  Its a glamorous life I know! Don't be jealous!

I thought since I am on the road so much, I would share with all what I love and loathe about traveling.  I hope you enjoy and maybe pick up a few tips (and please share your tips with me! I am always looking for a way to lighten my carry on!)

People Watching - Is there anyplace else on the planet more suited for people watching?  I say nay!!!  Every walk of life coming and going. Some for business, some on holiday but all going somewhere.  I can sit at a gate for hours just watching the droves of people come and go.

Little Kids - I admit, I have become the jaded traveler that wants to get to my destination as quick as possible.  Nowhere are you reminded more of the simple joys in life than seeing a child at the airport or on the plane. The wonder and true excitement of floating 30,000 miles over the world is still there.  The joy of seeing a plane take or a real pilot for the first time.  Nothing relaxes me more when traveling than when I stop and appreciate the joy of traveling from a child's view.

Free Reading Time - The majority of my time reading is usually spent on regulatory or technical papers.  However, I make it a point to grab a non-work book when traveling.  It is several hours sans Blackberries, laptops and work that I can jump into another world.  Sheer dork bliss!

Airport Bars  - We have talked a lot about my stranger danger (ok ok so I have typed and hopefully you have read...)  However, for some magical reason I have ZERO issues going into an airport restaurant/bar and saddling up to the bar for a drink/meal/snack sans company.  I think part of it is knowing everyone is by themselves too...  Go figure.... perhaps I should imagine the world to be one giant airport!

Coming Home - Is there anything better than landing and hearing the flight crew welcoming you to your final destination?  Especially after marathon trips the anticipation of being home in my own apt/bed and eating all my favorite goodies is so exciting! 


Security Check-In / The over-packer! Ok, yes I have already stated that I like to whiz thru check ins but is it really that hard to take everything out of your pockets?  And really, how comfortable is it to fly in 5 inch lace up knee high boots?  You are making us all late!!!

Also, what is with the person who comes to the gate with a roller luggage, laptop bag, purse/tote, jacket AND goodie bag from duty free?!?!?!?!?!  For the love of god pack less or check something!  Because of you I am going to spend the next 6 hours holding my jacket, resting my feet on my laptop bag to make room for your gazillion things!

Jet-lag No way around it, I am a creature of habit and sleep is the #1 habit I stick too!  Me without sleep is not a pretty thing. So you can imagine the grace and beauty that is me after a 15 hour flight to Australia with airplane food and shuffled straight to the office because its only 9am there!?!  It takes me days to get on track and even longer to reset once I am home.  I wish jet lag on no one!

Stupid Fees  Dear Airlines:  I understand flying is expensive but really how can you sleep at night knowing you are charging me several hundred $$ to fly and then have the audacity to charge me $2 for headphones I can only use on your plane $6 for a stale sandwich, $5 for a bad movie and $25 to check 1 bag?!?!

Airport Food Sticking with the bad food theme... While I can note that over the past few years there are way more healthy options in Airports it is still the norm to find overpriced, low quality, high caloric food.  I have or will be sitting for the next 4-8 hours, I don't think I need that double whopper or fried chicken wrap with fries.  How about a FRESH salad or smoothie that isn't made with ice cream?!?

Must Haves when Packing: 

A snap shot of must haves when flying
Since I never really know what will be available to me when I travel I have learned to pack the essentials to keep me happy and sane when traveling.  My must haves our:

Granola Bar: Be it Kashi, Larabar or Quaker..if I get hungry I NEED to have something to curb the hunger that is not a snickers bar.

Instant Coffee & Tea:  Thanks to Starbucks and Bigelow Tea, I am never a hot pot away from caffeinated happiness!

Instant Oatmeal & Individual Nut Butters: Again all you need is a hot pot (or a microwave or really really hot tap in emergency hunger circumstances!) and you are sitting down to a hot filling snack!

Airborne:  I seem to catch colds like it was my job so the invention of airborne was a god sent!  Take this fizzy tablet a few times before and after a flight and you will be ready to go with out the sniffles!

Face Wipes: These happy little wipes DO NOT count towards your 3oz of toiletries but are perfect to freshen up at the end of a long flight or a messy encounter with the airport in general.

Also don't forget your music player and book!

What can you not travel without?

Pittsburgh - Football, Bacon and Art?!

After a long week of conferences and networking across the pond this foodie took off to the Steel City to visit old friends, watch football and apparently eat my way through Pittsburgh!  Who knew!?!

I landed in the Steel City for my 1st visit on Friday evening after basically 3 hours of sleep, unpacking one suitcase, repacking another and heading right back to the airport.  Why all the fuss you ask?  My beloved football team the Patriot's were playing the Pittsburgh Steeler's on Sunday and some great family friends with season tickets invited me to join them!  I have known this family since we were kids on MV and couldn't have been happier at the thought of 3 days worth of laughing, heckling (football is a mean game people!), playing tourist and eating my way through this city with them.

And we wasted no time!  I landed around 7ish and by 830 I was at the famous Primanti Brothers sandwich shop.

This photo does not do justice to the gianormous beast that was presented to me!  I ordered the Primanti Pitts-burgher cheese steak special with a fried egg!  This tribute to all things fatty is served on wax paper, spilling over with fries and vinegar based coleslaw stuffed between 2 slices of yummy french bread. Meanwhile my host was showing off by taking down his sandwich with one hand!  SHOW OFF!!  Pretty sure I left there after that sandwich and Iron City Brew one step closer to diabetes and bypass surgery.... it was EPIC!

Thankfully our next stop was to the Warhol museum for their Marilyn Monroe exhibit!  7 floors of wacky POP art was just what the cardiologist called for.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures in the museum but trust me that this place was GREAT!  Tons of original art and memento's of Warhol's life.  

Saturday was a fun filled day of sightseeing in Pittsburgh.  Our guide took us to the Strip for Brunch and a tour of some of the yummiest food vendors EVER.  We also went on a ducktour!  How fun!!  Here is a little photo recap of the day....
mmmmm  BACON Maple Donuts!!

a wall devoted to cheese!  I may or may not have shed a tear of joy....

5 gallon buckets of Olives?  Yes please!

no words needed....

but perhaps an insulin shot is needed or a stalk of broccoli!

they take sports very seriously here!



Oh my... Very steep Incline Belt (i will pass...)

One Bridge, Two Bridge...so many bridges!

smile tour guide!

Steel City from one of its 3 rivers!

who doesn't love Ketchup?!
After a jammed packed Saturday we were all ready for the main event on Sunday..... FOOTBALL!!!

My home team was coming off a crushing defeat from Cleveland the week before and had a lot to prove.  The Steeler's are a great team but sadly for their fans where no match for the likes of Tom Brady and crew!  Now while I will admit there was some heckling by the local fans when seeing my in my Pat's gear overall the fans in Steeler's Country are great!  Even better was the bound whenever Pat's fans saw each other.  I even had this little kid come up to me before the game to high 5 me!  How cute!!
From tailgating to the end of the game we had an amazing time!  Food, beer, cigars and football... what more could a girl ask for?
See... Pat's & Steeler's fans can be friends

Classy bunch!

So close! Thankfully they held me back so I could rush the field!

awww... we have a sad steeler's fan everyone.....

there's a smile... come on its not that bad. The power of Brady and his long locks are too strong to defeat!
Thank you to the Hall family for being such amazing hosts!  I have discovered a new city and some great friends in the process!  Can't wait to host you all in NE for a Pat's game next year!!

Now I am off to find a salad and lots and lots of veggies!  DETOX is needed!