Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend Recap Part II

OK, OK.. the work week is not getting any calmer and this girl is off on a Canadian adventure tomorrow that involves driving to Montreal & Quebec City; flying to Sydney NS and sailing to Auld's Cove NS all within the time span of 4 days!  I am hoping that adventure will include good food, great pictures and.....possible a Bruin's Hockey fan (thats me) infiltrating the Montreal Canadian's game on Friday in full Bs gear!!!  (this could end in an International Incident....ha!)

Enough tangents on my upcoming weekend.. back to this past weekend.  After a great day at the fair I packed up my gear and headed to MV to close up the cottage for the winter. I don't have many pics from the day since we were cleaning and then I may or may not have spent a good amount of time catching up with 'Cape friends at Nancy's :)  We had dinner at Offshore Ale, a personal favorite of mine!  I was starving so no pictures of the amazing local oysters or the two entree's I split with my brother-in-law aka Food Soul Mate (my sister is a very picky eater...)  After a long day of "cleaning" we all crashed.....
Note the happy "glow" it had nothing to do w/ the brew at Offshore I swear.... hahaha
The next day we packed up early and headed off island.  I had a lot of errands to run that included Trader Joe's and also rearranging my closet from summer to fall/winter.  On Monday evening my roommate and I met the fabulous LV in town for some tweentastic entertainment!  We are all self-confessed fanatics of SYTYCD! Each season we talk about the latest dancers, the challenges each week, who has picked the dreaded Viennese Waltz and the new musical artists that we heard.  After a great season finale we all jumped online to grab tickets to their show that highlights the seasons best performances.  

It was such a great atmosphere on Monday night!  Yes there were hundreds of tweens all screaming for Kent Boyd. The 18 year old dancer for Wampa-something Iowa (or somewhere in the midwest....)
What I found funnier was the eclectic showing of late 20/early 30 something ladies like ourselves all the way up to granny age fans!  This show really appeals to everyone!  We arrived grabbed a few cold beers (sometimes you need a beer when surrounded by hundreds of 14 year old girls...)

All day I had been thinking...."what does one where to this type of event?"  I am not 12 so the option of homemade t-shirt, face paint and ribbons in my hair was out (not that I considered it.... stop judging!)  Instead I went for the safe route and picked a long sleeve T, jeans, cowboy boots (girl has to have some fun!) and puffy vest... Beer girl told me I didn't even look 30 after eyeing my license and proclaiming I had 10 years on her...Pretty sure it was a back handed compliment...
Puffy vest.. always saves the day in a fall coat wear a coat or not to wear a coat?

The show was AMAZING! I am so blown away at how easy they make it look! Made me want to put down my beer and run to the nearest dance studio... but alas, I drank my beer and dreamed of the day that I could do a back flip as graceful as Ade.  Here are some pics of the night (still trying to figure out this new fancy shmancy camera sorry for the blurry ones)

Ok so the pictures aren't going to win any artist awards, but you get the point.. it was almost 3 hours of high impact booty shaking dancing that made me happy!  Not a bad Monday if you ask me.. day off from work, tickets to a show that makes me smile, great friends to join me, and a cold beer!  What more could this girl ask for?  Not much friends, not much...

I am off tomorrow on my Canadian adventure...  stay tuned to see how this New Englander gets "Oot and Aboot" in Canada eh'!