Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend Recap Part I

Ok, so yes it is Wednesday and I am just getting around to this weekend recap... but good lord what a week so far!  I cannot get into details but long story short my Safety & Emg Response training has come in useful this week... silly ships!

What a wonderful long weekend!  From an impromptu visit to the famous Topsfield Fair to a trip to MV to close the cottage and a night with two fabulous ladies to embrace our inner tweens at the SYTYCD live dance show!  We will get into all of that dance fun in Part II, Part I is all about the fair!

Cows, ocean and spandex clad dancers.. that is how everyone else spent their weekend right? No, just me... Oh well I will still share with you all the fun I had!

First things first, The Topsfield Fair which is known as the oldest agricultural fair in America takes place every year in Topsfield, MA.  Growing up in Central mass, I have never been to this fair.  I am usually faithful to one fair and one fair only.  The BIG E! That fair holds so many memories for me and probably has a great deal to do with my love of strange and tasty food!  That being said, I will admit that this fair had the perfect mix of farm life, food and insane people watching.  My first round of pictures for you all is a sampling of the many many photos I took of the farm life.  What can I say, I am city girl that is in awe of giant pumpkins, pigs and cuddly rabbits!  Enjoy!!
No I am not a stuffed animal!

Anyone else craving a cold light (not so tasty) beer right now?

Yup...pig racing!  They race for Oreos!! (who are we kidding, i would also race for a delicious cookie)


THAT IS A REAL PUMPKIN! Can you imagine how much pie and oatmeal I could make with that!

A chicken with style! Rock that hair!!

No golden egg... I checked

Giant and angry turkey (pretty sure he knows what month is coming up...)

baby chicks! ridiculously cute and gross at the same time!

can you see the tiny beak peeking thru?!?!?!

Flowers are purrrty!


Bah Ram U, Bah Ram U....(come on its from Babe people!)

squeel for joy.. a tiny pony!

Biggest Pig EVER!  I may have started rambling about bacon....

Oooohhing and gahhing over all this farm life sure worked up an appetite (especially after seeing that pig!) Alaina and I did our best to avoid eating any fried twinkies/oreos etc.. but we did partake in a few delicious and glutenous treats!

Is there anything better than this in the fall?!  I say nay sir!

mmmm... hot cider donut!

I didn't have one.. but love they are saving $$ with signs from 1986!

The line was sooo long for this!

What is a fair without giant medieval size Turkey Legs!

We Americans will eat ANYTHING fried!  
Good lord, I am getting heartburn just looking at this picture!

My dinner destination! 

Thanksgiving in a sandwich?!  Yes please!!

Alaina and I split that massive Turkey sandwich! It was so deliciously perfect and for $8 you can't go wrong!!!  Homemade turkey and stuffing with my favorite type of Cranberry Jelly... the type from a can! It may not be a 4lb turkey leg or a fried twinkie but for these two girls it was exactly what we were craving (we did just walk through a warehouse with 50 turkeys!)

I tried to refrain from taking candid camera photos of the many "styles" at the fair but I did capture a flag (haha get it!) that I could not resist getting a pic of!
Nothing says America like Deer on a flag!
We did manage to see a few "healthy" vendors with salads and smoothies. Our favorite healthy vendor though was FREE!  That is correct (please say that in your best Chris Farley aka Billy Madison voice), my favorite type of food!  Ocean Spray was set up with samples of their new fruit juices and dried cranberries.  YES PLEASE!  Alaina really liked it!

All in all it was a perfect Friday afternoon!  So happy to see so many local producers out and promoting their goods!  Let it also be known that this city girl rocked her cowboy/riding boots to the fair!  I think I totally fit right in :) ha!
Stay tuned for Part II where I talk about my night out with the girls to embrace my 12 year old inner tween love for DANCE!