Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road Race Training - Week 1

So it is official, I have signed up for 2 road races this fall (so far).  The first will be 6.66 miles on Halloween Day and the second is a 5k in December.  I am hoping that even with a crazy travel schedule coming up for work I will be able to fit in a few more road races before the December race.

I am very blessed to have a great group of crazy friends that are also willing to join me on these mini athletic adventures!  Since the first race is less than a month away, A.S. and I have gone into overdrive to get out toukas's to the gym and on the treadmill.  As I said in previous posts, I am happy with my first few runs.  I truly believe that going to hot yoga has helped a great deal with my endurance (go figure!) and made this transition back to running much easier on my muscles and my lungs!

With anything in my life, I feel like I need a plan and a corresponding "To-Do" List for the next few weeks (Have I mentioned that I plan out my day, EVERY DAY with a to-do list?!  Crazy yes, but it helps to focus this scattered brain foodie!)  At the moment I have 3 to-do lists on my desk; 1- Work related, 2- Running related, 3- Personal/MV items.  I told you I was a bit weird....

Ok, Ok, back to the list at hand.  Prepping for a 6 mile run!  Let me state first though (yes another tangent), that if you have never run before I am NOT recommending at all training for a long run like this in 3 weeks!  I like to think of myself as a pseudo athlete who works out on a semi-regular basis, so jumping back in isn't a huge deal for me.  If you are looking to start your own training program, I highly suggest sites like Active.Com and C25K . They offer some great insight into running plans for beginners along with nutrition advice, and product info/reviews.  Do your research, go to your local sports shop like Marathon Sports and get fitted with the proper shoes and have fun!  I am always amazed that no matter how tired I am before a run, how energized I am afterwords!  Not to mention what a great stress reducer it is.. for 30-45 minutes I can do nothing but rock out to my iPod or focus on my breathing.  Any problem that seemed impossible before the run, may just be a bit more manageable after!

So I lied in the last paragraph... now for the list on what I need to do before Oct 31st!
  1. Commit to running at least 5 days a week (minimum 3 miles)
  2. Continue to mix in hot yoga and Bikram Yoga into my workout routines - I have found I really enjoy this activity and don't want to choose between running and yoga
  3. Look into a GPS running watch - I have no sense of distance (true story- I have run less than a mile before and was convinced it had to be 3 miles! No depth perception for this girl!) and think it would be very helpful to have an accurate measure of how fast I am running, where I am peaking and where I start to crash during my runs
  4. Update my iPod playlists..  I am going to need some serious jamz' to get me through 6 miles on a cold October morning! 
  5. EAT!  I know, this is a foodie blog and we all know I love food.  That being said, what I eat on a non-running day and what I eat on a running day should be different.  When running I need to make sure I have enough fuel to keep me going.  That means complex grains, good protein and yummy fat! oh the benefits of running! bring on the peanut butter covered bananas! 
    1. I don't want to stop exploring local producers because I am always going running. If anything this challenge should help fuel my search for local, healthy and sustainable producers of food.  Why eat a snickers bar when I can grab something homemade from the farm or bakery down the street?! 
  6. Water, Water and more Water!  I am a girl who LOVES coffee and tea.  It is hard for me as the weather gets colder to sip on ice water all day (my office is affectionately known as the meat locker! My hands need a hot beverage!).  To combat the urge for hot beverages but still get enough liquid, I tend to go for the decaf or herbal teas in the afternoon.  
  7. LOTS OF REST - ask anyone close to me and they will confirm 2 things: 1- I am always on the go, 2- I am solar powered and usually asleep by 10pm!  I can't help it, the sun goes down and I want to sleep. With such a busy work/life schedule though, I tend to burn myself out to quickly and end up crashing hard and early.  My goal over the next few weeks is to keep myself active but not to the point that I exhaust myself. This may mean saying no to some invites (I hate saying no... but that's another story!)
  8. Have FUN! This race will be on Halloween, people are dressing up, I will be with good friends and I am able to run!  What is there to be grumpy about?!  I may not be the fastest runner, but as long as I am happy with myself for committing to run, training and completing the run with people I respect, than that is good enough for this Sailing Foodie!
That is it.. 8 simple tasks/promises to myself to be a lean mean running machine come Halloween!  Feel free to comment on any suggestions, running tips or life tips in general. This impulsive foodie could use the advice!