Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween and Friday Favorites

In honor of one of my favorite holiday's today's Friday Favorites is going to be Halloween Themed!  Below is a list of my favorite things about Halloween!  Enjoy!! 
  • Dressing up!
What?! You didn't know Alice in Wonderland hangs out with Construction workers?!
My apron may or may not be a window treatment....
That's Captain Pirate to you mister!  :)
  • Sprinkled Donughts
    • I think its fair to say that even after spending the majority of my high school and college life working at a bakery I still LOVE the donught! To me Halloween has the best looking ones!  Tiny pumpkin candies or ghoolish ghosts sprinkled on a cake donught..  yumm-my!  My personal favorite though is raised donught covered in chocolate frosting and black/orange sprinkles!  How better to serve up a delectable treat at Halloween?! 
yes.. I made this on DD's website to show you its wonder!
  • Scary Movies
    • Another well known fact about me that my friends know is that I am a huge chicken when it comes to scary movies.  I am that girl that hides her face and looks through my fingers at the big screen.
    • Even weirder thing... I LOVE THAT!  I love having the beejesus scared out of me... and this is the time of year when almost every TV station is playing some scary sci-fi flick in honor of this month.  I say bring on the Hitchcock, Vincent Price and Poltergeist Movies!!
  • Halloween Inspired cocktails
    • Just like a love a few sprinkles on my donught I also love to try new drinks inspired by a season of jack-o-lanterns, ghosts and witches!  Thank you to all my favorite establishments in advance for serving me a chilled dirty martini with an olive eyeball! It makes the Holiday that more fun when you can no longer go trick or treating.
  • My MOM!
Mama Q and I this year at the NE Aquariums Halloween Party for the kids!

    • Let's just say that I don't have to wonder where my love of this holiday came from!  I grew up in a family where we were asked in June what we would like to be for Halloween so that my mom could start creating patterns, buy fabric and usually make a trip to the hardware store!  
    • I am not kidding people!  My sister was a hot air balloon one year! Complete with wicker basket and a framed balloon top that stood a good 2 feet over her head!  
    • My favorite childhood costume was the Man-Eating Flower I became that had a diameter of aprox 4 feet (can you picture a 10 year old me, with a 10lb flower around my head with dangling body parts!?) It was E-P-I-C!
    • This lady decorates the entire house each year and truly embraces what it means to be a kid as an adult!  You cannot help but smile and act like a kid when she is around! It is sheer halloween bliss!!

Ok my friends, I am off to my first Halloween Party of the weekend!  Look for a pictures later of my hilarious costume that is a tribute to a Boston Sports Team and PBS kids show...  any guesses?