Monday, October 4, 2010

Devil's Chase! What have I done?!?!

Why hello everyone!  I have a post in the works right now going over the amazing local foodie weekend I had! However, first things first... Its a well known fact among my friends that I am known to purchase the occaisional impulse item at the store, go out the night before a test because everyone else is going or sign up for something on a rash whim... I am a pretty impulsive girl that loves to live in the moment.

Well my friends today this Foolish Foodie decide to get back into running by diving into the deep end of the running world pool!  After hearing that two good friends & coworkers were running a Road Race in Salem in a few weeks I decided that it would be the perfect kick-start back into running (yup, haven't run in 3 months but 6 miles in 3 weeks?!?!  Sounds easy peasy!)

I completed a few road races in the spring (Harpoon 5 miler & a 5k in Central Ma) but honestly haven't run since due to slacking on my part and a new love of yoga.  I have also committed to running a half marathon with my aunt and really want to get back into running.  I enjoy running and how great of a stress-reducer it is but for some reason have let the snooze alarm and my love for cooking cut into my workout time. 

So as of this afternoon that is going to change when I head to the gym for at least 3 miles of running/walking!  I have accepted an insane personnel challenge to get back into running running/walking 6 miles (6.66 to be exact) and what better way to commit than telling all of you! 

On October 31, 2010 this Sailing Foodie will be completing The Devil's Chase 6.66Miler!

The good part is as soon as I tweeted and Facebooked this announcement 3 other good friends decided to run with me!  In total there will be 6 of us waking up bright and early on Halloween to dress up as Devils and run 6.66 miles through the streets of Salem, MA!  I am actually very excited about this, my only real concern is that I am going to let 3 weeks fly by and not focus on training.  That is where you all come in!  I am looking for any advice about power foods, stretches or just general encouragement that, if I can run 5 miles than 6 is just a hop, skip and a jump away!  And for my sailing friends, there is a good chance I will be off the East Coast of the US for 7-10 days of these 3 weeks for work at sea.  I would REALLY appreciate some tips on running while at sea!

I will be sure to keep you all posted over the next 3 weeks on my training highs and lows! 

What crazy challenges have you set for yourself in the past?