Thursday, October 14, 2010

Devil's Chase Update

Hey everyone,

I am about to take off for Canada eh' and wanted to send a quick updated as requested on my training for the Devil's Chase Run in a few weeks.

I can honestly say I am feeling 60/40 ready for this run! Alaina and I have been training based on time and not miles. A little different than our normal training routine of walking (we walked the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer last year, 40 miles over 2 days with another great friend!)

Training walk on Spectacle Island last March w/ Alaina
I am happy to say that I can run for a good 25 minutes without stopping now!  I am up to a total of 4 miles which is still a combo of running and walking. My goal over the weekend is to get some running in at the hotel and also Yoga while on the ship.  I downloaded a few Yoga apps for my iPod that I can use in my cabin.  I want to run while onboard but depending on the seas that may not be possible (remember... baby giraffe, running while the ship is listing is not good for this girl!)

When I return next week I have planned a few outdoor runs to get my lungs used to the colder air.  I still need to find some running gloves, and perhaps upgrade the Saucony's to a newer pair.

What little things do you do before a big sporting event/race?