Monday, October 25, 2010

Bye bye perfect....

Hello my foodie friends!

You don't always have to be perfect or on your best behavior!
After a sleeping away the weekend to fight off a nasty head cold I am finally returning to the land of the living. I wanted to let you all in on a bit of an epiphany I had this past weekend and I another goal I am setting for myself.  I am removing the word PERFECT from my vocabulary. 

On Friday I sat with my boss for my mid-year review.  My fantastic company has started a process where we set personal goals after doing a self-assessment of our work and personal character using the book FYI. 

It was up to us whether or not we wanted to discuss our assessment with our bosses.  My boss is uber fabulous and very intuitive so of course I wanted to meet with her.  During our talk we discussed how I am very critical on myself and can mentally sabotage myself before I even start a task.  It was wonderful to hear that she thinks I am doing well in the office but the sabotage comment stuck with me. 

As I fought my cold over the weekend I thought about it a great deal and how true it really is. Whether at work, in the kitchen or out with friends I am always getting stuck in my own head.  If I can't do something "perfect" I tend to shy away from it.  Here are some examples of how my need to be perfect is actually sabotaging how I live my life.

  • Baking - My insane fear of not measuring a recipe "perfectly" keeps me from busting out my 6qt Kitchen Aid and making some uber delicious biscuits or pie
  • Dating - I have coined my own phrase over the years known to my family and friends as "Stranger Danger".  It is my fear of meeting and introducing myself to new people (you can imagine how fun I am at a bar!).  My fear of not being "perfect" for someone keeps me from talking to them.
  • My blog - It may take me 30 minutes or 3 days to write a post but my want for the "perfect" witty post consumes my brain and inevitability takes wayyyy longer than it should to post.
Maybe it was the 48 hours of cough medicine or the extensive hours of sleep but somewhere in that NyQuil haze I decided that this is no way for a 30 year old womann to live. 

Instead of going all out and trying to cure my need for perfection in one day I am going with the baby steps approach.  My first step is to stop using the word Perfect For some reason that word holds so much power over me and as of today I say no more!  Here are some ways that I am going to take control of my own head and embrace being the confident, successful and fun loving sailing foodie that I know I am!!
  • Stop using the word "Perfect"(last time I swear!). 
  • Pick a baking recipe over the next week and make it!
  • Create a mantra for me to repeat when that pesky P word creeps back into my head
  • Delegate one thing at work to someone else. (The world won't end if someone helps me!!)
  • Figure out a way to combat the Stranger Danger (suggestions please!!!)
  • On my next business trip I am pledging to sit at a table with people I do not know (i am shaking just typing that...deep breaths Beth, deep breaths..)
I think those are good goals for now... What do you think?  Anyone else have these fears or am I officially loony?

On a tastier side note, here is a picture of a semi-homemade Tofu Tiki Masala that I had for dinner tonight. DELICIOUS!!